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Action and Adventure Games

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Azurefish 2Azurefish 2
Control your sea-faring creature in 20 objectives, while collecting objects along the way (about 240
Backkom Rescue PenguinBackkom Rescue Penguin
Penguins was kidnapped, they are trapped in the forest. Here is full of danger traps and obstacles.
Backyard EscapeBackyard Escape
Find the possible and the quickest way to escape out of this garden.
Backyard SaleBackyard Sale
The game will test your detective skills as you enjoy your time in the backyard with them.
Bad Ice-Cream 2Bad Ice-Cream 2
Sequel to our super popular action-packed multiplayer game.
Bad Piggies Online 2015Bad Piggies Online 2015
Bad piggies 2015 is a spin-off of angry bird, where you take the role of the pig,
Ballads of Reemus IntroBallads of Reemus Intro
The Several Journeys of Reemus, this game tells an all-new tale of Reemus the exterminator
Balloon TravelBalloon Travel
Help the little boy collect as many balloons as possible. Be careful of buildings and birds.
Balloons MailBalloons Mail
Balloons Mail is a charming little physics game where the aim of the game is to deliver the post
A crash into the mountain has stopped Barik from returning home after the long flight.
Barnyard UFOBarnyard UFO
Abduct barnyard animals for the space zoo. Transport the animals to the portal to teleport them
Baron's DoorBaron's Door
In this game you will face to so many enemies, just try to kill them all and collect all the useful
Bart ZombielandBart Zombieland
Bart Zombieland is the great shooting game. Bart Simpson is a only man in Springfield who
Bart vs Ghost AdventureBart vs Ghost Adventure
Help Bart ride his trolley to the end of all levels without losing control. Try not to flip over,
Batman Ice AgeBatman Ice Age
Winter has arrived early in Gotham City! Find the madman whose instigated these snowy conditions and
Batman RunBatman Run
Batman Run is a great funny, action games.Batman have a assignment to save the Gotham
Batman Xtreme Adventure 3Batman Xtreme Adventure 3
Help Batman to collect all coins and destroy enemies in this adventure game.
Battle CaveBattle Cave
Play as the courageous hero and fight your way through the 10 rooms in the castle!
Battle for the HarvestBattle for the Harvest
Help the scarecrow to protect the field from the onslaught of birds during the twelve levels,
Baymax Go AdventureBaymax Go Adventure
Lets help Baymax and Hiro get back all chips from each leves!
With limited ammo, fire shots to kill all the zombies & cause reactions to help save ammo.
Be FighterBe Fighter
This blue creature is in trouble again. How can it find so many problems on his own head?
Beach CatfightBeach Catfight
The goal of the game is to earn sexy pictures of the girls by fighting them with a foam stick
Bear Big and Bear Two AntarcticBear Big and Bear Two Antarctic
Play online Bear Big and Bear Two Antarctic game. In this game your goal is to help the two bears
Bear Bros AdventureBear Bros Adventure
Bear Bros need to collect different fruits for dinner! Please help them and find the way out!
Bear Brothers Adventure 3Bear Brothers Adventure 3
ears Adventure 3 is an 2P game,there are many gold coins and a monster,
Bear Goes To PlutoBear Goes To Pluto
There is bear named Odi wanted to go to Pluto.
Bear GrillsBear Grills
The Trollface guy stole the Bear's Grill. Put on your roller-blades fast and go catch him!
Bear Loves GoldBear Loves Gold
Tyrant Xiong comes to pick up the gold. Help him collect all golds and get home!
Bear in Super Action Adventure 2Bear in Super Action Adventure 2
Rabbit has returned to try and invade the Bear home planet again during while the bears
Beat Them All into WaterBeat Them All into Water
Try your best to beat all your enemies into water! AD to move; J to attack; K to defend.
Beauty KillerBeauty Killer
The Diaos come to attack again. Even the handsome boy can not stop his strong offensive.
Beaver Trouble TypingBeaver Trouble Typing
Someone is in trouble my friends! Indeed! A baby beaver got lost and now his parents
Control Beavus the beaver and and collect all logs to reveal the tree stump with the exit door.
Bedroom BreakoutBedroom Breakout
Unfortunately you got locked inside your bedroom. The door is locked from outside
Bela Kovacs And The Trail Of BloodBela Kovacs And The Trail Of Blood
Join scruffy Hungarian private inspector Bela Kovacs on the tail of a murderous bloodsucker.
Belial Ars ArcanaBelial Ars Arcana
In this new chapter for the Belial series you get to explore the Limbo and its creatures.
Ben 10 Aliens Kill ZoneBen 10 Aliens Kill Zone
Ben10 is dropped in the enemy zone, He must destroy all the enemies to enter to the next level.
Ben 10 BomberBen 10 Bomber
Help Ben 10 to destroy all XLR8 monsters! Shoot all monsters to clear the level. Clear all 20 levels
Ben 10 Jungle AdventureBen 10 Jungle Adventure
Help Ben 10 escape the jungle, it's become a very dangerous place. Careful with the enemy.
Ben 10 Savage PursuitBen 10 Savage Pursuit
Play with Ben 10 in this adventure game where Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve
Ben 10 SnowballBen 10 Snowball
Ben10 Snowball is a great platform game. Ben 10 and Gwen is lost in the snow wood.
Ben 10 Super AttackBen 10 Super Attack
In this adventure game, Ben 10 go into the land of the enemy with the purpose of destroy
Ben 10 The Alien DeviceBen 10 The Alien Device
Lead Ben 10, the grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen in this great adventure.
Ben 10 UnderworldBen 10 Underworld
Kevin suddenly appeared and kidnapped Gwen. He demanded that Ben turn over the Omnitrix.
Ben 10 vs RobotsBen 10 vs Robots
Ben 10 is trapped in another dimension by Vilgax.
Ben10 Best AdventureBen10 Best Adventure
Help Ben10 to collect all coins and destroy enemies in this adventure game.
Ben10 FightBen10 Fight
New Ben10 platform game. He must fight against creatures from past.
Ben10 Power BallsBen10 Power Balls
Ben10 gets a new mission of collecting power balls. It is a dangerous task!
Ben10 Power Hunt	Ben10 Power Hunt
Enjoy this competition game between Ben 10 and Vilgax. You have to help your hero Ben10
Ben10 Power SplashBen10 Power Splash
In Power Splash Game you will team up with Ripjaws and Stinkfly for an aquatic rescue mission.
Ben10 Save GwenBen10 Save Gwen
Help Ben10 this time to find his way to finish and rescue his girlfriend Gwen. Take hammer
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