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Action and Adventure Games

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Ben10 Save Gwen 2Ben10 Save Gwen 2
Help Ben10 second time to find his way to finish and rescue his girlfriend Gwen.
Ben10 Save Gwen 3Ben10 Save Gwen 3
Help Ben10 to rescue his girlfriend Gwen. Take hammer to break walls and keys to open doors.
Ben10 Ultimate ForceBen10 Ultimate Force
Play as Ben10 and pick up power ups to transform and use more powerful weapons!
Ben10 Wanted 2Ben10 Wanted 2
Ben10 Wanted 2 is a great action game. Don't let anything get in your way, complete missions,
Ben10 Xtreme Adventure 2Ben10 Xtreme Adventure 2
Help Ben10 to collect all coins and destroy enemies in this adventure game. You have 10 lives.
Beno Bear EscapedBeno Bear Escaped
Who said that you can put Beno Bear in a box like an ordinary teddy bear toy? No chance!
Best Friends Forever 2Best Friends Forever 2
Work together with your friends to get to the exit of each level in this challenging puzzle
Bieber Girls Attack 2Bieber Girls Attack 2
Don't let the madness girls destroy the stage and capture Justin Bieber!
Big Big Wolf Down for 100 FloorsBig Big Wolf Down for 100 Floors
n our memory,the big big wolf is always trying to keep away from dangerous.What about this time?
Big Dig Treasure ClickersBig Dig Treasure Clickers
The only way is DOWN is this exciting new spin on the idle game genre. Dig up treasure,
Big Hero 6 Fly AdventureBig Hero 6 Fly Adventure
Help Baymax avoid dangerous obstacle, fly as far as you can, challenge the higher score!
Big PictureBig Picture
It is a turmoil at the street, but as a professional photographer you will be able to take pictures
Big Time RushBig Time Rush
Use your mouse to play this game.
Billy AdventureBilly Adventure
Billy Adventure is a great platform game. Billy and his twin brother is a lost in the Snow Mountain.
Billy HalloweenBilly Halloween
Billy Halloween is a great adventure-platform game. Halloween is here and Billy and Mandy
Billy and Mandy Magnet FaceBilly and Mandy Magnet Face
Help your favourite cartoon hero, Billy, From Billy & Mandy, escape from the aliens that captured hi
Bimmin 2Bimmin 2
Change between two characters as you slide under, jump over, and bash through obstacles.
Birds JoyrideBirds Joyride
Fly away in the wonderful game Birds Joyride, the ride will be endless you can score
Birdy FruitBirdy Fruit
Play online Birdy fruit game. Help Toge to collect fruits for the winter. Evade creatures and reach
Blaster BotBlaster Bot
Blaster Bot is a 2d side scroller in which you must fight through a factory which has been taken ove
Blind Fooled GumballBlind Fooled Gumball
Gumball Blind Fooled is a great physics-based puzzle game. Your job is to have the two characters
Blood Battle BoyBlood Battle Boy
Follow the Blood Battle Boy to fight on the street! Defeat all those bullies! Be carefull
Bloons Player Pack 5Bloons Player Pack 5
Your goal is to pop as many balloons as possible using the darts you are given each level
Bloons Super MonkeyBloons Super Monkey
Guides the Super Monkey to break as many balloons
Blue Archer 2Blue Archer 2
Try to hit all kind of items with your bow and arrow: targets, apples, bales of hay, fire, pears, et
Blue Ray Room EscapeBlue Ray Room Escape
Give your mind a boost to make a successful exit and reward your efforts with the fresh air outside.
Bomb BangBomb Bang
Omama and Obama decided to take an adventure to the forest but lost their way
Bomb It 3Bomb It 3
Bomberman style arcade game with 4 playing modes. Use bombs to blow up your opponents.
Bomb TownBomb Town
Drop the bomb in the correct spot to cause enough damage to the houses so you can progress.
Booger Rush 2Booger Rush 2
Your mission in this weird game is to fling and hurl your booger to your fellow nerds for no reason.
Bot LairBot Lair
Collect all of the cogs in this physics based puzzle platform game.
Brave ChickenBrave Chicken
n Brave Chicken you have to control the chicken to arrive the destination, earn more scores
Brave FirefighterBrave Firefighter
Play online Brave Firefighter game. The buildings are on fire! Be quick! Put out those fires to save
Brave RockyBrave Rocky
Be a knight named Rocky to protect your kingdom from monster attacks.
Breakout EvolutionBreakout Evolution
A complete reinvention of the classic breakout game with realistic physics and 50 fun levels.
Broken HornBroken Horn
Your travel turned out to be quite unpleasant when your horse fell over the stone!
Bubble BoomBubble Boom
Beat the Gadbad Gang by throwing Bubbaloo Balloons on them and avoid their red balloons.
Bubble MixyBubble Mixy
Bubble Mixy is a funny game. In this jump and run game you are an Mixy who has to reach the lifts.
Bubble Struggle 3Bubble Struggle 3
Bubble Struggle sequel! More contraptions, more levels, more fun!
Bug TimeBug Time
Play as the exterminator who is able to get rid of all nasty bugs on screen. Armed with lasers,
Bugs Bunny Hopping Carrot HuntBugs Bunny Hopping Carrot Hunt
The carrot truck has spilled ids delicious food for rabbits, cargo. Guide Bugs to gather all those t
Bugs Got GunsBugs Got Guns
Protect your apple at all costs. Don't let down the trust of your queen! Collect power ups
Bull SurviveBull Survive
How long can you survive with the bulls.
Destroy all the buildings with your bulldozer. Use your mouse to do it.
Bulldozer SnakeBulldozer Snake
A cool version of arcade Snake game truck-themed!
Bullet Heaven 1Bullet Heaven 1
Dodge thousands of bullets and defeat legions of foes.
Bullet Heaven 2Bullet Heaven 2
In this game you are going to kill all the enemies and just try to survive as long as possible.
Bungee Rescue 2Bungee Rescue 2
Use bungee cable to free fall towards people or animals on the ground.
Burning ScarecrowBurning Scarecrow
Try to burn as many scarecrows as you can and use not so many matches. Think over all your steps
Bury My BonesBury My Bones
Being an undertaker is ghoulish business... so who can blame you for trying to liven things up
Bus FartBus Fart
You must help the skunk to remove the existing gas in the stomach without being detected
Butterfly Girl AdventureButterfly Girl Adventure
Butterfly girl have to defeat enemies to get her wings back.
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