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Action and Adventure Games

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Claustrophobium In Four Steps FrClaustrophobium In Four Steps Fr
Hope you're being paid well, because this job sucks! They have you working in one seriously dark
Clean UpClean Up
Play online Clean Up game. Help the crain man, pull out all the dumped rubbish in the river.
Click TribeClick Tribe
Help the Click Tribe throughout a hunting day gone wrong in this adventure.
You will be punching, jumping, and dodging with your robot in this fun game. Get all the batteries
Cloud Wars SnowfallCloud Wars Snowfall
Sink into the magic world of clouds and be sure that you can cope with it. So, use the mouse to play
Clowns in the FaceClowns in the Face
Clowns creeping you out? Knock them out with a swift tennis serve in the face!
Clumsy RobberClumsy Robber
Help the clumsy robber to get back the diamond that was stolen by the mob boss
Cobb The MinerCobb The Miner
Cobb is searching for the Royal Diamond. Help him on his way!
Combat Hero AdventuresCombat Hero Adventures
Follow Max on an adventure to avenge his family that takes him across the galaxy
Comfy Bedroom EscapeComfy Bedroom Escape
Use your brains and just outsmart the locked door to get outside and win the game.
Comic Book MovieComic Book Movie
Fight through waves of enemies. Comic Book Movie is about the journey of Brix the Stickguy
Comic Stars Fighting 3.5Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
Comic Stars Fighting 3.5 is an excellent fighting game in which you can choose both single
Here comes the most intense shooter that will wipe out all pesky comicbook nerds.
Concussion, a free online action game by Armor Games. You are brave miner and your mission
Contra Final MissionContra Final Mission
Contra Final Mission, play alone or with your friends! You will find your childhood pleasure in this
Cool Cubes Unity3dCool Cubes Unity3d
Your task is to slingshot the Icecube into a glass before it melts. Bring it through the obstacles
Cops and RobbersCops and Robbers
Grimeport city is overrun by criminals.. your job is to chase them down, and bring them in!
Copy ShotCopy Shot
Use your awesome Copy Shot weapon to copy and paste ladders, blocks and other useful
Cosmic platform jumperCosmic platform jumper
You are an astronaut jumping on platforms. Watch out for the UFO that attacks you.
Cowboy HouseCowboy House
This is a level based games,where you have to find all the mentioned objects within the given
Cowboy Kid ChaseCowboy Kid Chase
Play online Cowboy Kid Chase game. Help Cowboy Kid catch his older brother.
Cowboy RideCowboy Ride
Become a cowboy, ride your horse jump over all the hurdles and escape from obstacles score the best
Crash BoardCrash Board
Skate your way through 25 levels in this skateboarding game and destroy at least 50%
Crash Town 2 Crash Town 2
Your goal is to prevent as many crashes/traffic jams as you can. You have to use various traffic sig
After the people have disappeared from the face of the Earth, robots became the rulers!
Crazy Alien SnakeCrazy Alien Snake
A giant purple Something is very hungry and is on its way to New York! Help it! Get special
Crazy BeaverCrazy Beaver
Launch the beaver away! Click the mouse to avoid obstacles to get further on ice.
Crazy FlyCrazy Fly
This fly is really crazy! She's very bad in flying, but she don't want to miss anything.
Crazy Go Nuts 2Crazy Go Nuts 2
Shoot your squirrel out of a cannon to collect as many nuts as you can
Crazy Monster RiderCrazy Monster Rider
This crazy Monster will do everything to be able to pass all obstacles ahead,
Crazy PenguinsCrazy Penguins
Use the mouse cursor to shoot the penguins in this funny flash game.
Crazy RunnerCrazy Runner
Crazy Runner needs your help. Make him to jump over the obstacles and make him live longer.
Crazy SkaterCrazy Skater
Skateboard & grab coins as you do tricks. Don't crash into items or jump over finish sign.
Cripple CannonCripple Cannon
It's the latest breakthrough in modern medical transportation!
Crocodile to TravelCrocodile to Travel
Oh, my God! He always lose his duck on his way to travel.He needs to spend much time to find it
Crown CaveCrown Cave
A brave fool enters a mysterious cave to prove his mettle against the challenges awaiting him.
Crystal CrisisCrystal Crisis
You must run, dodge, jump and climb to grab all the crystals you can as you flee like a thief in the
Cut the grassCut the grass
Cutting the yard has never been so fun! Race the clock and cut as much of the yard
Cute Monster Jump GameCute Monster Jump Game
If you love cute monsters you will love this game press space to jump and arrow keys to move
Cute Owl 2Cute Owl 2
Make some noise in the woods!
Cyber ChaserCyber Chaser
Run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addictive runner. Complete missions, unlock weapons
Kill everithing you see and go to next level
Freddy hadn't seen his feet in years, until he started running…
Daddy Love ChildDaddy Love Child
As a hero, daddy will certainly go there to protect his child.
Daisy Escape Play School FunDaisy Escape Play School Fun
The little girl is really enthusiastic about making it to school, so do a good deed by helping her
Dakotas Adventures 2Dakotas Adventures 2
The strong-jawed archaeologist Dakota Winchester is back! Join him at Cactus City in the search
Dance of DoomDance of Doom
Dance of Doom Dance of Doom once again pits Skips against the evil Klorgbane. This time, we flash ba
Mr. Dangerous loves to live a risky life. One day, he walks through a construction site and decides
Dangerous MaveDangerous Mave
Guide Mave along the platforms, shooting enemies and avoiding dangers. 60 seconds for each level.
Dangerous TreasuresDangerous Treasures
Ancient vaults contain a great amount of dangers as well as plenty of treasures.
Daredevil DangerDaredevil Danger
In Daredevil Danger, you've got to help Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost
Daring DoDaring Do
Daring do, also known as a.k. yearling, is a female pegasus pony. daring do s name is a play on
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