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Action and Adventure Games

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Darker Ride EscapeDarker Ride Escape
You got locked up inside a dark ride at an abandoned amusement park. Do your best to find
Data MinerData Miner
You have enter in the office of an important enterprise. Your mission is to steal important informat
Dead ConvoyDead Convoy
The enemy troops are fast approaching. Quick! Set up a trap on the bridges they have to cross.
Use the Time Machines to change character and jump as high as you can by collecting the balloons.
Deep Diver 2Deep Diver 2
Dive deep into the oceans of the world in search of treasure and rare specimens,
Deep Sea DiverDeep Sea Diver
This game is all about exploring, collecting and upgrading
Deep Sea Diver 2Deep Sea Diver 2
Explore the depths of the sea in this action adventure game. Grab coins and find relics.
Deep UndergroundDeep Underground
Only a true hero like you can save the missing searchers. So let's go to the deep underground!
Deep and BlueDeep and Blue
Deep and Blue are discovering the real meaning of life...
Delivery DisasterDelivery Disaster
Collect points by smashing windows on your delivery bike whilst dodging those who stand in your way.
Desert SurvivorDesert Survivor
Play Desert Survivor game. You are the only survivor behind enemy lines!
Diamond HollowDiamond Hollow
When life drops you down a cave, you've got to go alone...
Diamond HollowDiamond Hollow
Play online Diamond Hollow game. Shoot, upgrade, conquer enemies, attempt achievements,
Diamonds ChaseDiamonds Chase
Travel through the old mines and see if you have what it takes to find the lost diamonds!
Diego CandylandDiego Candyland
Diego Candyland is a great platform game. Diego and Dora is a lost in the Candyland.
Diego CandylandDiego Candyland
Diego Candyland is a great platform game. Diego and Dora is a lost in the Candyland.
Diego Candyland 2Diego Candyland 2
Diego Candyland 2 is a great platform game. Diego and Dora is a lost in the Candyland.
Diego Ultimate Rescue LeagueDiego Ultimate Rescue League
Diego on Rescue Island and help him rescue some of the worlds baby animals who are hungry
Dig Or Drown Unity3DDig Or Drown Unity3D
Get as many crystals as you can before the time is up! And be careful not to drown, it's the Flood!
Digging SquirlyDigging Squirly
Use all tunnels once and dig all holes as fast as possible. First place your Squirl and then click o
Dig your way to the center of the earth in search for great treasures. Upgrade your equipment
Dino DuetDino Duet
Grab coins & control 2 dinos to solve puzzles that block each of the different sized dinosaurs.
Dino Meat HuntDino Meat Hunt
The two dino are hungry and need to go out to hunt some meat for themself.
Dino Meat Hunt 2Dino Meat Hunt 2
The big and little dino is back to dinosaur time.This time they are powered up with new boost
Dino Meat Hunt ExtraDino Meat Hunt Extra
Here is another two player adventure starts with our game dino meat hunt extra,
Dino New AdventureDino New Adventure
New Dino styled game. This time you must take hammer to break walls and get key
Dino PanicDino Panic
Run as a caveman & avoid obstacles & T-Rex. Control the pterodactyl with your mouse to grab gems.
Dino Run MDDino Run MD
See how long you can stay alive in this special Dino Run challenge!
Dino Super JumpDino Super Jump
Someone break the dino egg and stole all the coins inside it. As the owner of those coins,
Direct HitDirect Hit
It’s a battle! Knock off all the wickets in the enemy team and show them who the real winner is!
Dirt Of The DeadDirt Of The Dead
Clean dirt and defeat undead forces. Use your mouse to play this game.
Disaster Will Strike 6 New Disaster Disaster Will Strike 6 New Disaster
Oh no. These terrible eggs again... You must do something and destroy them all. Just solve all
Disaster Will Strike DefenderDisaster Will Strike Defender
When the first bird eggs appeared on earth, dinosaur eggs were furious and began to destroy
Disk and World RPGDisk and World RPG
Hardcore fantasy role-playing game with three playable classes and original battle system.
Divine GeneralDivine General
This is a war strategy game. You need to construct various buildings, increase population,
Doctor AcornDoctor Acorn
Join the great adventure of Doctor Acorn, it is a fun adventure game, you have to solve the puzzle
Dog And The MushroomsDog And The Mushrooms
You have to help the dog to catch the mushrooms. When the dog has 10 mushrooms,
Dogs in Space 2Dogs in Space 2
Take control of two dogs and complete levels in the space.
Donald The DinoDonald The Dino
Help Donald the Dino to find his parents. It seems that the evil cavemen have caught them into the t
Donald The Dino 2Donald The Dino 2
Donald the Dino is back and this time his mission is to find his girlfriend who is prisoned by the e
DooBoo SpidrixDooBoo Spidrix
24 exciting physics-based puzzle-levels with colorful impressive graphics and 10 funny characters.
Doors 2 Dave New JobDoors 2 Dave New Job
Play online Doors 2 Dave New Job game. The sequel for the famous puzzle platformer Doors is finally
Doors 3 Locked OutDoors 3 Locked Out
Unemployment has not been kind to Dave. He has no money, no clean pants, and worst of all
Doors Daves Free LessonDoors Daves Free Lesson
Dave visits a dojo! He looks tough. He feels tough! HIYA! The ninjas don't like his attitude
Dor The DwarfDor The Dwarf
Click on the correct items in the proper order in each scene to progress the story of your character
Dora And Boots Sleepwalking AdventureDora And Boots Sleepwalking Adventure
Dora and Boots would have an exciting sleepwalking adventure.
Dora Bmx ParkDora Bmx Park
Help Dora use her bike to jump over obstacles, eat the flowers to recharge energy.
Dora CandylandDora Candyland
Dora Candyland is a great platform game. Dora has lost in the Candyland. You need to help
Dora Diego RescueDora Diego Rescue
Diego was caught in the forest monsters. Help Dora Diego rescue by destroying all monsters
Dora Fish PhotographyDora Fish Photography
Dora brings pink camera with her to take pictures of beautiful fish under the water!
Dora Flower RushDora Flower Rush
Dora is helping flow at flower shop, dora's task is to send flowers to customer's houses,
Dora Fruit AdventureDora Fruit Adventure
Dora the explorer is going on a new adventure to collect fruits! Please help her collect
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