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Action and Adventure Games

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Dora Never StopDora Never Stop
Avoid dangerous obstacles, challenge the higher score! Face of danger, Dora never fear!
Dora and Diego FishingDora and Diego Fishing
On holiday, Diego and Dora have a trip fishing and get a lot of fishes. You can help them
Doraemon Go Go GoDoraemon Go Go Go
Now please help him finish the journey and collect all the hamburgers!
Doraemon HalloweenDoraemon Halloween
Doraemon Halloween is a great adventure-platform game. Halloween is here and Doraemon
Doraemon Way 2Doraemon Way 2
Doraemon Way 2 is a funny platform game. Doraemon is a lost in the jungle. Help Doraemon to find
Dr. Bones AdventureDr. Bones Adventure
Move through this platformer as you grab gems, avoid jumping fish, and swing over spikes.
Drago AdventureDrago Adventure
Harness the powers of the elements to discover this small dragons big strength!
Dragon Age JourneysDragon Age Journeys
Take on monsters in turn-based attacks with squad members you pick up along your journey.
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting V2.4Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting V2.4
Now select a role and beat all rivals to win the final victory!
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v2.5Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v2.5
Version 2.5 is a game that is more fierce for Goku, but he is ready to take the challenge.
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v2.6Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v2.6
Version 2.6 adds new character Gotenks and new levels. Special character can fly.
Dragon Ball Goku FightingDragon Ball Goku Fighting
Dragon Ball Fighting comes with another brand new chapter: Goku chapter. Control the character
Dragon BombDragon Bomb
In this new physics puzzle you’re not alone in the jungle. Countless evil statues are spread
Dragon PrincessDragon Princess
Play as a fire mage who fights monsters and completes quests in a dungeon with the help of her
Dragon Racers Dragon Berry DashDragon Racers Dragon Berry Dash
Play online Dragon Racers Dragon Berry Dash game.
Dragoniada is the funny vertical action-platform game where the small dragon is walking up to the to
In the physics engine based platform game you're able to draw static and dynamic shapes
Dream of AnimalsDream of Animals
The cute cuddly animals are quite hungry and you're the only one that can feed them.
Droid HunterDroid Hunter
You must eleminate droids and take control back in the city. You must collect energy cells, armor
Drunken RabbitDrunken Rabbit
Collect all bottles and hide in the rabbit hole but be carefull around traps.
Drunks AhoyDrunks Ahoy
Dump the drunks on the water!
One more simple to play game concept from us. Make two balls jump with mouse clicks.
Dude Bear Level PackDude Bear Level Pack
Click and destroy blocks to move the bear. Help him to collect all little hearts.
Dungeon Breakout 2Dungeon Breakout 2
When you thought you have escaped from the rotten dungeon. You find yourself in another cell.
Dungeon Breakout1Dungeon Breakout1
You have been arrested for raising voice against the corrupt king. You don't remember how long
Dungeon DeadlineDungeon Deadline
Beat the Deadline Dungeons within 10 Seconds and loot all the gold.
Dungeon Deadline AnniversaryDungeon Deadline Anniversary
Loot as much gold as you can and enter the deadline dungeon!
Dungeon RunnerDungeon Runner
Slash through enemies, jump over pits, and avoid deadly obstacles as you frantically run through
Durian Revenge 2Durian Revenge 2
Watch out to not fall from the cliff, use the ability to double jump that we give. Avoid the fruit
Dwarf GoldminerDwarf Goldminer
One day, father miner and his little son are walking around the village. Suddenly father miner falls
Dwarf SnowballDwarf Snowball
Dwarf Snowball is a great platform game. Evil Dwarf is take all x-mas gifts from Dwarf.
Dwarves EscapeDwarves Escape
Help the two Dwarves to escape the dragon. Use your mouse to play this game.
Dynamite BlastDynamite Blast
Blast bridges, towers and vehicles with dynamite.
Dynamite Blast 3Dynamite Blast 3
The third part of popular game Dynamite Blast. New levels, more fun. Blast towers and vehicles
Dynapuff JumpDynapuff Jump
Your mission in Dynapuff Jump is to guide Dynapuff through hazardous levels while collecting
Earth Rock HunterEarth Rock Hunter
Earth has exploded and you must collect all the priceless rocks flying through space
Easter Island MysteryEaster Island Mystery
The world is in crisis. Global warming is threatening the very existence of all life on Earth.
Eating Crab FortEating Crab Fort
It is an accident that SpongeBob comes into the world. Help him eat more!
Ebyss WalkerEbyss Walker
Sneak passed some ninjas, kill others. Push boxes to reach high ledges in this pixel sidescroller.
Sorting waste has never been more fun. Sort items to right baskets and be environmental friendly.
I am glad to see you again agent! Your secret mission is to penetrate Edgestone,
Eine und KleineEine und Kleine
Active and vivid adventure platformer with two nice heroes.
Elder BearElder Bear
Do you like elder bear? Who does not know Elder bear? Elder bear start eating gold coin now!
Elder Bear Rescue BrotherElder Bear Rescue Brother
Bald guy is felling in forest, young bear want to stop him. Out of exception,he was hijacked
Election EjectionElection Ejection
Eject the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in the 2012 election in order to save
Elite Forces Mission AfghanElite Forces Mission Afghan
Elsa Maze AdventureElsa Maze Adventure
Elsa, Anna and Olaf are trapped in forest. Please help them solve all puzzle, find way back.
Employee Firm EscapeEmployee Firm Escape
Get outsmart by finding the key.
Ena Genie EscapeEna Genie Escape
The story of this game is about to find the genie which is locked inside a great lock.
This is a Sci-fi run & gun platformer game. This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation.
Your goal is to deliver the order to start the riot to the local branch of the Resistance.
Epic Celeb Brawl - Spider-ManEpic Celeb Brawl - Spider-Man
Are you ready for an Epic Celebrity Brawl? Fight the most popular celebrities, singers,
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