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Puzzle Games

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Ancient Jewels The Mysteries Of PersiaAncient Jewels The Mysteries Of Persia
This time Ancient Persia proposes its mysteries for you, be ready for thrilling and absorbing advent
Ancient Maya TreasuresAncient Maya Treasures
Find the lost treasures of the Maya hidden in the ancient pyramids in this new thrilling jewel
Ancient Relic MahjongAncient Relic Mahjong
Travel thru all continents of the World searching for ancient relic. Follow the magical map
Ancient Rome MahjongAncient Rome Mahjong
In Ancient Rome Mahjong, you can not really go there, but rather play Mahjong in a dream world.
Angelina Jolie Beauty PuzzleAngelina Jolie Beauty Puzzle
Swapping tiles and setting the beauty pieces perfectly.
Angelina Jolie Peppy PuzzleAngelina Jolie Peppy Puzzle
Invite yourself into this challenge that requires you to unfold Angelina from her hideout.
Angkor QuestAngkor Quest
Take a fascinating quest on the ruins of the ancient temples of Angkor.
Angry AnimalsAngry Animals
In Angry Animals the aliens tries to abduct the animals to their spaceship.
Angry BeeAngry Bee
This angry bee is decided to take down all those colored cells there, nothing can stop it.
Angry BirdsAngry Birds
Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.
Angry Birds BubblesAngry Birds Bubbles
Today, you're going to burst as many angry birds as you can. You can achieve that by blowing
Angry Birds EliminationAngry Birds Elimination
Remove blocks when more than two same blocks are together and bomb can help you eliminate
Angry Birds GlassesAngry Birds Glasses
Angry Birds Glasses - A funny angry birds game. You goal is to click the pictures which on the right
Angry Birds Go JigsawAngry Birds Go Jigsaw
In this Angry Birds GO theme jigsaws game,you can recovery 4 beautiful picture.
Angry Birds LinkAngry Birds Link
Play this wonderful puzzle game with angry birds.Your task is to find the same birds or pigs
Angry Birds MatchAngry Birds Match
Angry Birds Match - The little birds are kidnapped in a magic board.
Angry Birds Memory 2Angry Birds Memory 2
Here is the second part of the very exciting and intriguing game Angry Birds Memory -
Angry Birds Space XmasAngry Birds Space Xmas
In the Christmas, angry birds distributed gifts for the children in town,
Angry Birds SwitchAngry Birds Switch
Angry Birds Switch is a funny puzzle game. Your target is to swap all pigs for birds.
Angry Birds War Of PumpkinAngry Birds War Of Pumpkin
Angry Birds decide to make a special pumpkin to defeat Naughty Pigs.
Angry CatAngry Cat
A group of greedy pigs want to go to a cat's home to steal its food.
Angry Ice Girl Fire BoyAngry Ice Girl Fire Boy
Zombies invaded the forest of Ice Girl Fire Boy , in order to protect their familiy,
Angry birds piggies balanceAngry birds piggies balance
Both pigs must help each other to jump as high as possible. Using mouse click to jump,
Animal Prison BreakAnimal Prison Break
Comb through each pair of images and find the differences to progress through the story.
Animals Connect 3Animals Connect 3
Link identical animals with two or less 90 degree angles to clear the board.
Animals EscapeAnimals Escape
The Story of this game is to escape the animals which are arrested into cage before releasing
Annabelle Spooky Halloween MakeoverAnnabelle Spooky Halloween Makeover
Give a spooky makeover to this haunted doll Annabelle this Halloween!
Another Brick in the WallAnother Brick in the Wall
Prove no brick in the wall can stand your masterful skills, and blast them away in rows of three or
Another PlanetAnother Planet
Collect all the blue diamonds and use your gun to cut parts of each level into smaller pieces!
Another Planet 2Another Planet 2
The cute alien is back, help him get to the exit in each level.
Antarctic Expedition MahjongAntarctic Expedition Mahjong draws your attention to its new free excellent connect mahjong game.
Apple HarvestApple Harvest
Draw a line with your mouse to collecting falling apples in the boxes.
Apple HunterApple Hunter
Make The Hedgehogs Roll Over In The Right Direction Turning Static Items Into Dynamic Ones
Aqua DudesAqua Dudes
Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water.
Aqua DudesAqua Dudes
Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water.
Aqua LabyrinthAqua Labyrinth
Drag the golden bubble across the white bubbles to change their color and solve each puzzle.
Arabian JewelsArabian Jewels
To play the game you will have to create a combo of three gems of the same color and combination.
Ark of TreasureArk of Treasure
Get the treasure chest to the bottom of the game board by clearing items underneath it.
Arlkanoid TaikenArlkanoid Taiken
Play a series of level in Arkanoid Taiken
Around The World In 80 DaysAround The World In 80 Days
Complete the item as you travel around the world in the fastest time as you can.
Arranje That Level PackArranje That Level Pack
Remove the right boxes and arrange the blocks according to the dotted lines in this new level
Assembler 4Assembler 4
Arrange objects and match green shapes with the colored outlines in another installment of Assembler
Athens TreasureAthens Treasure
Match the ancient stones, artifacts and coins and help to save the ancient Athens from Persian
Ather AsylumAther Asylum
Escape another photo-realistic asylum as you make turns and move through the asylum hallways.
Athos Vs BeastsAthos Vs Beasts
This is a physics based shooting puzzle game. Trow the bombs at evil beasts to destroy them.
Athos vs. BeastsAthos vs. Beasts
Trow the bombs at evil beasts to destroy them. Physics based action puzzle.
Atlantis JewelsAtlantis Jewels
Plunge into this addictive match-3 puzzle and get jewels of Atlantis! Collect three or more jewels
Atlantis QuestAtlantis Quest
Match icons and release pieces of amazing artifacts from a bygone era in this challenging quest
Audi S5Audi S5
Audi S5 is a free online car puzzle game. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse.
Audi S8Audi S8
Audi S8 is a free online car puzzle game. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse.
Aurora is a cool puzzle game from PastelGames. Take a journey into the wild west and try to discover
Awesome BuilderAwesome Builder
Physics puzzle. Build the highest tower you can placing blocks as carefull and wise as you can.
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