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Puzzle Games

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Constructore 2Constructore 2
Drag and drop physics game. There is a total of 30 levels.
Control GravityControl Gravity
In this game you can control gravity. Use the arrow keys to do that.
Cookie FeastCookie Feast
Help little red riding hood to collect enough cookies for the feast and find her way through
Cookie Needs JamCookie Needs Jam
This cookie can't imagine a life without jam. Jam is sweet and makes the cookie more delicious,
Help the brave animals defend their land and drive the penguins back from where they came from!
Coral Cup 2Coral Cup 2
Shoot to make matching clusters of 3 or more runes and clear them from the board.
Couple BirdsCouple Birds
Find two same birds, then click to remove them as fast as you can! Have fun!
Couple FishesCouple Fishes
There are so many fish in the sea. How can they find their mate? Come and help them now!
Cover And SmashCover And Smash
Here come a kind of Cover Blue with some well designed levels. Smash the evil blocks and save
Cover Orange 1Cover Orange 1
Save the orange smileys by covering them from the deadly raindrops.
Cover Orange 2Cover Orange 2
Save the orange smileys by covering them from the deadly raindrops.
Cover Orange 3Cover Orange 3
Click to place objects and activate bombs and other elements. Then wait for clouds to pass by.
Cover Orange Journey KnightsCover Orange Journey Knights
Stack blocks on top of each other to cover the orange fruit from the falling sky.
Cover Orange Journey PiratesCover Orange Journey Pirates
Play online Cover Orange Journey Pirates game. The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate
Cover Orange Players Pack 2Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Save the orange smileys by covering them from the deadly raindrops. Can you beat all 80 levels?
Cover Orange Players Pack 3Cover Orange Players Pack 3
Protect even more fruit from the evil rain cloud in the latest Cover Orange levels.
Cover Orange WildWestCover Orange WildWest
The Journey continues! Protect your cowboy oranges from the deadly rain.
Cover PouCover Pou
To avoid this disaster, we need you to help Pou get out of this crisis.
Cover SoldiersCover Soldiers
Drop ammo boxes & wheels to help move & cover the soldiers from falling bombs.
Cowboy vs MartiansCowboy vs Martians
You're the great old cowboy and those pesky martians have invaded your territory. Use your trusty
Cows VS AliensCows VS Aliens
The Earth is attacked by extraterrestrial creatures eager to enslave everybody
Cradle of EgyptCradle of Egypt
Clear colored tiles in this match 3 game as you earn money to build on your Egyptian land.
Cradle of RomeCradle of Rome
Move the pieces of the puzzle to match three in a row.
Crash Boom BangCrash Boom Bang
Use the special abilities of the shape heroes Crash, Bang and Boom to remove all other shapes
Crash Boom BangCrash Boom Bang
Collab with the three shapes crash, boom and bang to knock all the evil blocks away
Crash the Robot!Crash the Robot!
Physics-based puzzle game with 45 unique levels.
Crate Incineration Unity3dCrate Incineration Unity3d
Are you good at burning? This is a world flooded with crates. Your job is to incinerate them.
Crazy Cut Fruit Speed UpCrazy Cut Fruit Speed Up
Crazy Cut Fruit Speed Up is another fun cutting game and you must cut more faster than before! Have
Crazy Digger 2Crazy Digger 2
Arcade logical puzzle game with gravity. New monsters and new type of crystals added
Crazy Digger 2 Level PackCrazy Digger 2 Level Pack
All pack levels created by players. Pack levels are more difficult and tricky then levels
Crazy Hangover 2Crazy Hangover 2
Find the parts to your costume as you explore multiple rooms finding items to help solve puzzles.
Crazy SoldierCrazy Soldier
Fire at the structures as you try to knock them down. Easy & hard have different levels.
Creeper World 3 AbraxisCreeper World 3 Abraxis
Can you build and defend the planet against the "creeper", an alien fluid flooding the map
Crown JewelsCrown Jewels
Match the Crowns, Chain the Crowns, the more Crowns you match the more points you earn.
Plunge into the naval warfare world of the future! Cruiser - The sequel to Battleship:
Crystal BallCrystal Ball
The classic crystal ball game, click on the more than 2 adjacent crystal balls can smash them into
Crystal CatcherCrystal Catcher
New and addictive puzzle game. Find the treasure in least number of clicks and time.
Crystal ClearCrystal Clear
Match crystals!
Crystal Hexajong 2Crystal Hexajong 2
All new levels for this mahjong game with hexagonal tiles. Combine the tiles in pairs and remove
Crystal RunnerCrystal Runner
Non-trivial arcade game with new gameplay twists and astonishing graphics.
Crystals CodeinfernoCrystals Codeinferno
Attach crystals on distant planets with this incredibly addictive match 3. Be sure to play with soun
Your job is to guide your smile block to the target position.
Cube BlitzCube Blitz
Match three or more Objects of the same color get points. Clear all blocks to win a game.
Cube CrazeCube Craze
Move your cube as the ground disappears from under you. Plan your route so you don't end up trapped.
Cube CrushCube Crush
Challenge your friends in Cube Crush a fun and entertaining "SameGame".
Cube Crush HDCube Crush HD
Cube Crush got even more exciting in this new addicting HD sequel! Join millions of player
Cube Crush HD TournamentCube Crush HD Tournament
Challenge your skills and join this Cube-Crush HD tournament! Combining the excitement
In Cubestern, you have to send all the bad guys to jail, using your mouse to interact with objects.
Cubestern 2 Night ShiftCubestern 2 Night Shift
Put those criminals in jail.
Cubis CreaturesCubis Creatures
Cubis Creatures is a puzzle game. Frenetic puzzle action rushes from all sides as cubes fall
In the skill game Cubium you are challenged to destroy the construction in each level using the tool
Cubores is a puzzle game in the genre of 'breaking bricks'. Your objective in the game is to
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