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Puzzle Games

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Curse King EscapeCurse King Escape
Play enagames and give your support to us. At last collect a magical flower which helps him to escap
Cut The Monster 2Cut The Monster 2
Play the second part of the successful game "cut the monster", destroy all of the monsters
Cut and KillCut and Kill
Cut objects to get the monsters to roll to their death. Touch all the stars with monsters or shapes.
Cut and Kill - HalloweenCut and Kill - Halloween
Slice and cut wooden objects to get all the pumpkins as you kill all the monsters on the level.
Cut and Kill HalloweenCut and Kill Halloween
Slice and dice Halloween faces! Cut wood and use physics solve puzzles by rolling the monsters
Cut the Rope 2 Bad PigCut the Rope 2 Bad Pig
This is an puzzle flash game without ads, Badpig also like playing cut rope, start your brain
Cute Boy Escape GameCute Boy Escape Game
A Cute Boy has been trapped in the A House, so you will need to collect the necessary objects
Cute Fish ColoringCute Fish Coloring
There could not be a visual treat than a sight of fishes swimming happily in their comfortable zone.
Cute Picture Matching 2Cute Picture Matching 2
A new and funny version comes again. Three new modes offered: Tradition is the traditional
Cute Snowman JigsawCute Snowman Jigsaw
In winter's snowy days you can do many fun outdoor activities. You can go skiing, you can fight
Cyclop Physics Level PackCyclop Physics Level Pack
This is a level pack to the original Cyclop Physics game. You have to move one-eyed figures
Cyclop Physics Players PackCyclop Physics Players Pack
Guide the one-eyed cyclops and get them to their corresponding platforms!
Spin the diamonds to match them. twist the diamonds before the timer reaches zero.
Dangerous AdventureDangerous Adventure
Amazing dungeon adventure game with gem-matching puzzle mechanics!
DeConstruction 2DeConstruction 2
Buy and place bombs in the right spots to send the structures tumbling down below the dotted line.
Dead HungryDead Hungry
Drop zombie heads and feed them, what else, brainsss...
Deep DiggDeep Digg
Deep Digg is an addicting classic game, there is hard mode and easy mode. In the hard mode,
Deep Ocean BubbleDeep Ocean Bubble
This is a game similar to Puzzle Bobble. By controlling the fort, player is to eliminate bubbles
Delicious TryoutDelicious Tryout
In the spring time nothing can be compared to the fun one will have than collecting the fresh
Demolition CityDemolition City
Destruction of structures made of blocks and iron bars. All in accordance with the laws of physics.
Demolition City 2Demolition City 2
Travel all over the world and fulfill demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help.
Move your crane ball up and down as you drive back and forth to hit the blocks just right.
Demon Destroyer 2Demon Destroyer 2
Go to the inner depths of hell and destroy all of the demons in this physics puzzler!
Desert Faces 2Desert Faces 2
Play online Desert Faces game. Visit the desert to pass through challenging levels in this puzzle
Destroy the Wall 3Destroy the Wall 3
Just try to overturn the stack of foxes by making the ball roll or fall against it.
Place limited bombs in the correct spots to make the structure collapse below the dashed line.
Devil's Leap 2Devil's Leap 2
Launch the devil block at the angels. Remove all angels from play to complete each level.
Diamond Connect ManiaDiamond Connect Mania
Diamond Connect Mania, identical Diamonds Puzzle Game. In this game you need to clear
Diamond CrazeDiamond Craze
Help our little guy obtaining a precious stone by stacking crates and planks.
Dice MogulDice Mogul
Buy spaces and build properties. Manage your money well and dont run out of it!
Dice WarsDice Wars
The entire game is focused on combat. Because the map and placement of the armies is setup random
Digem CubesDigem Cubes
In DIGEM cubes you have 2 game options at the beginning to choose from. Once a level mode
Digging DiamondsDigging Diamonds
Dig through the dirt for a diamond in the rough.
Dinosaur HexajongDinosaur Hexajong
Mahjong solitaire game with Hex tiles set in the Dinosaur Era.
Disappearing PathDisappearing Path
Create a path to guide the ball to the flag in each level, but hurry - the path won't stay for long!
Disaster Will StrikeDisaster Will Strike
Prepare to cause absolute destruction as you create natural disasters to destroy all the eggs in eac
Disaster Will Strike 2Disaster Will Strike 2
Create a range of crazy disasters to destroy all the eggs in each level.
Disaster Will Strike 3Disaster Will Strike 3
Unleash disasters to crush all the eggs across 50 eggtastic levels.
Discover IstanbulDiscover Istanbul
Play online Discover Istanbul game. Unlock the gems of Istanbul one puzzle board at a time.
Divide the figure into the required quantity of pieces with the limited number of cuts.
Stack the dogs to reach the dangling bone.
Dolphin PopDolphin Pop
Shoot to pop matching clusters of 3 or more balls from the string.
Help Hammi with your dominoes and gadgets but don't forget to get all the stars and make sure all do
Donkey Kong Jungle BallDonkey Kong Jungle Ball
Donkey Kong is heading back home- it's located deep in the jungle.
Play online Donutosaur game. Help the Donutosaur to get his favorite donuts
Dora Ride BikeDora Ride Bike
Help her ride smoothly! Dora gets a new beautiful bike from her parents. She wants to try
Dora Save the DogDora Save the Dog
Please help dora collect bones for the dog and rescue him!
Dora journey puzzlesDora journey puzzles
Lot of images appeared on the screen. You decided which image that comes to make perfect
Doraemon Jigsaw PuzzleDoraemon Jigsaw Puzzle
Doraemon has the magic power to help you get what you want! This is awesome!
Doyu HexcontrolDoyu Hexcontrol
Your task is to capture the whole playfield which consists of hexagons, having lit all the bulbs in
Fun Halloween game: grab tiles on the edges. Select two similar tiles located on the edges
Dragocubes ValleyDragocubes Valley
Blast all of the cubes off of the platform in each level.
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