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Shooting Games Games

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Facebookeria Level PackFacebookeria Level Pack
Shoot Mark Zuckerberg and feed greedy capitalists with equities and money!
Farm DefenseFarm Defense
Shoot the incoming bees that are trying to attack your farm.
Field ForcesField Forces
Training steps up several gears as you traverse the course and take on the instructors.
Field goal champField goal champ
Kick field goals from various positions on the field and over defenders trying to block you.
FifeFighter CannonFifeFighter Cannon
Eliminate all fires with your water cannon. Complete each level in the least amount of shots
Fight TerrorFight Terror
You are to defend people from the terrorists. You are located in the trench and have weapons
Fighter WarFighter War
Dodge and kill, collect stars and diamonds! Fighter War has begun. Now choose your favorite
Final Line of DefenseFinal Line of Defense
Protect your base as you gun down enemy soldiers from the side. Earn money for new weapons.
Fire & Might GameFire & Might Game
Are you brave enough? We wanna to check it! Help the dragon to survive and kill all enemies.
Survive as long as possible against the enemy assault!
Firing MachineFiring Machine
A new tank game with new mission to accompolish. Drive your tank and shoot all the enemies
First CommandoFirst Commando
First Commando is a great shooting game. You are a special unit soldier on undercover mission.
First CommandoFirst Commando
First Commando is a great shooting game. You are a special unit soldier on undercover mission.
First Commando 2First Commando 2
First Commando 2 is a great shooting game. You are a special unit soldier on undercover mission.
Fish and Destroy 2Fish and Destroy 2
Fish and Destroy 2 is a skill based shooting game. Try to avoid the attacks off the little piranhas
Flanders Killer 6Flanders Killer 6
Are you ready for the sixth instalment of this blood filled shoot em up Simpson's Game?
Flash Counter StrikeFlash Counter Strike
To progress you have to kill certain amount of enemies and get head shots.
Flash CrisisFlash Crisis
Shoot against the time limit. Get a kill per shot to receive a massive bonus.
Flash StrikeFlash Strike
Flash Strike - cool online sniper and shooting game similar to famous Counter Strike game.
Fly MarioFly Mario
Fly Mario is a funny phisycs game. Long long ago, there is a group of very lovely Marios live in the
Food ShootFood Shoot
Feed starving animals and people in this awesome physics based puzzle game!
Football HooligansFootball Hooligans
You are on the football field and from direction of the opposite goal, groups of hooligans
Fort Blaster Ahoy ThereFort Blaster Ahoy There
What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort?
Fort Blaster PuzzleFort Blaster Puzzle
It's time for the Fort Blaster to make his way through enemy forts to rescue his lovely Mary.
Fortress DefenseFortress Defense
Protect your fort and make sure they do not reach it and get the change to destroy it.
Fortress MagnusFortress Magnus
Use your fantastical flying castle to defend against waves of mechanical invaders and rescue the pri
Fight against your (girl)friend in Fortz. In this multiplayer 2 player game you need to take down
Foxy Sniper 2Foxy Sniper 2
Your missions are harder, and require new skills. When she delivers death to your door,
Foxy Sniper 3Foxy Sniper 3
In Foxy Sniper 3, your objective is to eliminate all and rescue the hostages from the hijacked pirat
Foyle 2: The Jungle Foyle 2: The Jungle
Deep in Amazon jungles another alien spaceship has landed and the swarms of aliens are infecting
Throw your grenades and blow up your enemies.
Frantic FrigatesFrantic Frigates
Sail your ship around as your blast at enemy sharks and vessels! Collect the treasure that they drop
Freeze The InfernosFreeze The Infernos
The infernos, in different size, shape and colours, are there mocking and sneering at you.
Fruit NukemFruit Nukem
After a poker game gone wrong, Fruit Nukem must defend his island from a variety of blood-thirsty
Furries RevengeFurries Revenge
Help the Furries knock down all the bees and take back the forest.
Fusion Quest II SakuyaFusion Quest II Sakuya
New in Fusion Quest II: Partner system, Reimu joins you on your flight this time around,
Guide Reiuji Utsuho on her quest for... fusion, I guess, by BLOWING THE CRAP OUT
Futurama Bender ScoresFuturama Bender Scores
Play as Bender and shoot your enemies.
Future SoldierFuture Soldier
You are elite soldier from the future and your mission is to shoot enemy forces using your tactical
Gabal 2Gabal 2
Create your brave Squad of WWII soldiers into a funny cartoon style game.
Galaxies Invaded Chapter 1Galaxies Invaded Chapter 1
Fly in your great space ship and destroy thousands of insect enemies that threaten to entire univers
Galaxy FighterGalaxy Fighter
Fight with your mecha machine in a cold war against the evil empire!
Galaxy FighterGalaxy Fighter
Shoot all the enemy robots as you pass each new level with stronger enemies that try to kill you.
Galaxy Invaded CH1Galaxy Invaded CH1
Shooter, arcade game in Space with 3D pre-rendered graphics and a lot of cool things!
Galaxy InvadersGalaxy Invaders
Very nice modern version of Space Invaders.
Galaxy InvadersGalaxy Invaders
Very nice modern version of Space Invaders.
Pick up weapons and power ups as you advance through the city but watch out as you are
Gangsta WarGangsta War
Become the real gangsta. Join a gang, blast away your enemies and rule the streets and take down
Gangsta WarGangsta War
Build the right type of fighters to attack the enemies base and incoming enemy fighters.
Gangster Mayhem 3Gangster Mayhem 3
Gangster currently attacking your headquarters by riding a monsters!
Gangster PursuitGangster Pursuit
Play online Gangster Pursuit game. Get the Gangsters in this game.
Gangster's WayGangster's Way
Gangster's Way throws you deep in to the dark underworld of mafia and gangster dons.
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