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Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush
Help George W. Bush to create meals and deliver them to customers
How to Make Coconut CakeHow to Make Coconut Cake
If you are a fan of coconut, try this delicious coconut cake recipe!
Ice Cream CakeIce Cream Cake
Follow Sara's instructions to make super-chill ice cream cake. Get stuck? Check the recipe for hints
Ice Cream SurpriseIce Cream Surprise
Ice cold scoops of creamy sweet fun times are yours to behold!
Iron Champ 2Iron Champ 2
Iron as many clothes as you can, the time limit gets shorter each part so hurry!
Recycling is fun but tricky in this physics puzzle game. Click away the junk!
Kitchen ShenanigansKitchen Shenanigans
Ellas mum has asked her to clean the kitchen but Ella has other plans, she likes to get asked to cle
Lilly Kiss Pet SalonLilly Kiss Pet Salon
You are working in salon of pets. You should serve the clients, but do not forget about your boyfrie
Lisa's Famous Fish RollsLisa's Famous Fish Rolls
Join Lisa for another thrilling adventure in food preparation, cooking and serving!
Lisas Daycare CenterLisas Daycare Center
Cute Lisa loves taking care of children and so she opened up a Daycare Center.
Little Cookie MakerLittle Cookie Maker
You dont need to be a cookie master to make animal or heart shaped cookies!
Love Me 2Love Me 2
Keep clicking on the heart above the progress bar to fill the bar faster than your opponent.
Luscious Lemon CakeLuscious Lemon Cake
Try to make this lemon cake! Use your mouse to play this game.
Mac & Cheese ManiaMac & Cheese Mania
Make macaroni even better with lots of gooey cheese and delicious toppings like ketchup, pepperoni,
Magical PrincessMagical Princess
The princess is getting help from a cute classmate on the piano.
Minions Clean RoomMinions Clean Room
Gru has taken the kids out and the Minions task is doing house cleaning. Help Minions throw away
Muffins MagicMuffins Magic
Theres nothing more delicious then a fresh baked one of a kind colorful and candied up muffin!
Mushroom Melt BurgerMushroom Melt Burger
You are cheese, mushrooms, burgers and fries stacked to the sky!
My Baby TigerMy Baby Tiger
Since the all kinds of tigers (Siberian, African, and Asian tigers) are endangered and protected,
My Romantic TownMy Romantic Town
My Romantic Town, Recreate your own rendition of romance!
Nano DropbotNano Dropbot
Cancer cells are lurking, holding healthy cells captive and starving. Players seek and destroy
Naughty ParkNaughty Park
Those three naughty boys are at it again!
Orange CakeOrange Cake
If you love oranges, bake this delicious orange cake to make your stomach happy!
Outfits TonightOutfits Tonight
You'll look wonderful tonight—but wearing what?
Pancake DayPancake Day
Follow instructions and learn how to make a perfect pancake. Use your mouse to play this game.
Party Planet QuizParty Planet Quiz
What planet are you from?
Perfect FrenzyPerfect Frenzy
Prefect Frenzy skill based action. Drag and drop the students from the bus to the entrance gate
Perry the Perv 2Perry the Perv 2
Help Perry to stare and do not be caught
Pet FeedingPet Feeding
Steer the children so they will feed the right pet.
Phineas Saw GamePhineas Saw Game
Pigsaw has kidnapped Ferb, Isabella and Perry. Help Phineas rescue them!
Pou Halloween CleanupPou Halloween Cleanup
The 2014 Halloween is comming, let's help Pou cleanup his house, prepare for the Halloween party. Ha
Professor HolidayProfessor Holiday
Professor Holiday, Pack your bags in pursuit of the perfect vacation! Select your preferred method
Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Quesadilla.
Rabbit Fell in Love with the WolfRabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf
These wolf and rabbit love each other, but the wolf can't help his predator's instinct,
Relaxing Spa MassageRelaxing Spa Massage
Being a masseur is not an easy job as you have to use various massage techniques and carry out
Royal Envoy 2Royal Envoy 2
Team up with Cedric once again and travel to the faraway land of Middleshire devasted
Sandwich StackerSandwich Stacker
The object of the game is to catch tasty items to buid your sandwich
Sara's Cooking Class TiramisuSara's Cooking Class Tiramisu
Follow Sara's expert instructions to recreate the traditional Italian treat. Use your mouse to play
Sara's Cooking Class: Caramel RollsSara's Cooking Class: Caramel Rolls
Tempt us with a batch of ooey-gooey goodness!
Sara's Cooking Class: Lasagna Roll-UpsSara's Cooking Class: Lasagna Roll-Ups
Follow Sara's instructions to make this original dish.
Saras Cooking Class Lasagna Roll UpsSaras Cooking Class Lasagna Roll Ups
Get Ready To Roll With This Twist On The Italian Fave!
Silly Bob A Day at the OfficeSilly Bob A Day at the Office
Play immature office games with a very bored Bob!
Smoothie ShopSmoothie Shop
Give your customer the smoothie combo they desire.
Snow White And Prince Care Newborn PrincessSnow White And Prince Care Newborn Princess
Today you will meet the Snow White, Prince and her cute baby.
Spaghetti Carbonara TimeSpaghetti Carbonara Time
Spaghetti Carbonara if cooked properly is one of the tastiest pasta dishes from Italy.
Spank Beauty BootySpank Beauty Booty
Spank the beauty's ass, spank it as hard as you can by swinging a hand at it.
Spicy Mongolian BeefSpicy Mongolian Beef
Lisa is back with another thrilling cooking lesson adventure!
Spicy Patatas BravasSpicy Patatas Bravas
Serve up a sizzling side of tasty tapas! Follow the hints to prep this zesty Spanish fave!
Sue Sushi RestaurantSue Sushi Restaurant
First place the rice, then the wasabi and at last the nori to make a little sushi roll.
Sugar CookiesSugar Cookies
Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Sugar Cookies.
Super Idol 2Super Idol 2
Super Idol a contest is just coming, every participant is making up and dress up for big final.
Super SisterSuper Sister
You are the big sister where you will be tending to the little sisters every need to make sure she i
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