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Skill Games

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Brain On A StringBrain On A String
Another funny Halloween game. In this one you guide a zombie through the streets and remove
Breezy Apartment EscapeBreezy Apartment Escape
You are stuck in a stranger’s apartment which you assumed to be your own before you are
Bridge PleaseBridge Please
Bridge, Please! Here you go, and don't say you couldn't have fun with a drawbridge,
Brief StrokesBrief Strokes
Can you draw the most attractive image with the most simple lines?
Brilliant EscapeBrilliant Escape
Brilliant Escape is yet another interesting point and click type new room escape game
Broken Home Unity3DBroken Home Unity3D
Play online Broken Home Unity3D game. Explore your fathers old creepy house.
Broken WindBroken Wind
Control a fragile creature that can be easily blown apart, smash into pieces and even lifted by a
Brothers Treasure Recovery 11Brothers Treasure Recovery 11
Brother's Treasure Recovery - 11 is an interesting and intriguing point and click type new escape
Brothers Treasure Recovery 16Brothers Treasure Recovery 16
Brother's Treasure Recovery - 16 is an enchanting and exciting point and click type new escape
Brothers Treasure Recovery 4Brothers Treasure Recovery 4
Brother's Treasure Recovery - 4 is an exciting and adventurous point and click type new escape
Brothers Treasure Recovery 5Brothers Treasure Recovery 5
Brother's Treasure Recovery - 5 is an intriguing and adventurous point and click type new
Catapult your ragdoll victims towards a variety of different brutal traps and weapons.
Bubble BusterBubble Buster
This is a fun and addictive skill games where you need to pop all the bubbles in the level.
Bubble SlasherBubble Slasher
Bubble invaders are attacking the planet. Help the one-eyed alien to break all nuclear balloons
Bug RampageBug Rampage
A lone caterpillar fighting against the might of the insect kingdom!
Build A CityBuild A City
You can build a city with your imagination, spell beautiful figure, and then share it with your frie
Bull BlastBull Blast
Place your bombs carefully, then detonate them to destroy the evil bulls - but watch out,
Bungalow House EscapeBungalow House Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the bungalow house. Assume that one day you are stuck
Bunny BustleBunny Bustle
Click on a bunny, hold the mouse, drag the bunny to the basket.
Bunny Crazy TimeBunny Crazy Time
The girls have abundance of carrot so they decide to feed the starving rabbit.
Bunny ThumpsBunny Thumps
One cute bunny was nice when it all begun, but just got nasty by digging too many burrow.
Help the rabbits reach the carrots. Bunnyland is an exciting physics-based puzzle game.
Bus TaleBus Tale
Help joe pass his time while waiting for a bus! joe is a troubled man that is sick and tired
Butterfly Fantasy 3Butterfly Fantasy 3
The Universe will help your dream come true only when you believe in a miracle.
Butterfly Fun MatchingButterfly Fun Matching
A group of twin butterflies rested on the cards after exploring the meadows for a while.
CID -2 is an interesting point and click type new escape game developed by ENA games
Cactus RollCactus Roll
Play this 30 levels puzzle to solve. Use mouse to click any object to remove it.
Cake MunchersCake Munchers
Insanely addictive action-based cake defence game with amazingly funky music.
Calculate GeniusCalculate Genius
Beat each mini-game by calculating fast to get into the high scores table.
Camp Nou Locker Room EscapeCamp Nou Locker Room Escape
You are a Football player. While keeping your playing kits in the locker the door is automatically
Canadian Cave Stone EscapeCanadian Cave Stone Escape
A tourist as part of Canada trip visited Canadian. stone cave and got trapped there.
Candy MaxCandy Max
Grow your Candy large and Bump into other Candies to reduce their size and win the game.
Canny EscapeCanny Escape
When you are in the home lonely, the main door was locked itself. Immediately you want to come
Car Collector 2Car Collector 2
Quickly collect all of the colors that match each car and clear stacks before time runs out
Car Escape From HilltopCar Escape From Hilltop
Car escape from hilltop is yet another delightful point and click type escape game developed
Caravan EscapeCaravan Escape
Caravan escape is yet another enchanting point and click type new escape game
Cargo Master 2Cargo Master 2
The second installment to the popular Cargo Master series! This time with more customisations,
Carrot RescueCarrot Rescue
Ohnoes the bubbles are stealing all the carrotccs! Quickly jump into the boat and grab
Cartoon Treasure HuntCartoon Treasure Hunt
The story of the game is to help wild animals to find the treasure in the forest.
Cartoon Treasure Hunt 2Cartoon Treasure Hunt 2
In the first part you woke up the animals to get ready for the treasure hunt. In this part
Cartoon TyperCartoon Typer
This cool type education game is testing your Blind Typing skills and how fast your reaction is.
Cat EscapeCat Escape
Cat Escape is yet another enjoyable point and click escape game developed by ENA games.
Cat PharaohCat Pharaoh
Help the friendly archaeologist to wake up the cat pharaoh!
Catch The KillerCatch The Killer
As a detective you have to solve even the most complex murder cases. In this awesome game
Cave House Escape 3Cave House Escape 3
The story of this game is to escape from the cave house where have been locked.
Cell KingdomCell Kingdom
The life is a very difficult thing. The bacteries life is even more difficult, especially under a mi
Challenge CircleChallenge Circle
Help the green ball overcome all obstacles get into the end circle.
Chameleon SurvivalChameleon Survival
Addictive game with a beautiful art and cool tribal music. Use a physics driven chameleon
Chattel House EscapeChattel House Escape
The story of this game is to escape from a small moveable wooden house. Assume that
Cheese TimeCheese Time
Are you the b-rat who does anything to hang with cheeses? Then crack these challenges
Chef House EscapeChef House Escape
The story of this game is to purchase pizza online and give it to chef as he asked.
Chemical Laboratory EscapeChemical Laboratory Escape
While you are in the Chemistry lab for laboratory work, the door automatically locked itself.
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