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Skill Games

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Fruity WeekFruity Week
It's harvest time! Go to your garden with a big basket and catch fruits falling from the trees.
Fun MaskFun Mask
Revive some fond memories of your childhood pranks which might include bullying the girls
Funny ZooFunny Zoo
Take a shot at the annoying monkey at the local zoo... but remember, he throws a mean shot
It's year 2039 and everything around you are futuristic. The only thing that is still "good old"
Futuristic World EscapeFuturistic World Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the house in the futuristic world. Assume that you
G4K Where Is Turkey EscapeG4K Where Is Turkey Escape
The Story of this game is Unfortunately a Trukey locked in a room, so you will need try to escape
Gardenville House EscapeGardenville House Escape
The Story of this game is to escape from the farmville house. Assume that one day you went to
Gem Grab 2013Gem Grab 2013
Can you find a way out from the spooky caves with the treasure you just found?
Georgian House EscapeGeorgian House Escape
The story of this game is to escape from a Georgian House where you have been locked.
Get Back The CashGet Back The Cash
Get back the cash is an interesting point and click type new escape game developed by ENA
Get Rid of the WeedsGet Rid of the Weeds
Use limited lawn mowers facing different directions to mow all the grassy paths.
Get the weightGet the weight
Do you know how much weight the MineCraft pickaxe or British Crown?
Ghost BusterGhost Buster
How about a nice walk in the... cemetery? Well, not a "œwalk", but more of a "œhunting" session,
Gifts PusherGifts Pusher
Put the Christmas gifts to their places! Use whatever is at hand - books, baseball bats, golf clubs,
Giraffe HeroGiraffe Hero
The Giraffe was having rest in his hammock with a glass of fresh juice, when suddenly his
Girl Escape From ExplosiveGirl Escape From Explosive
Girl escape from explosive is yet another exciting point and click type new escape game
Girl Escape From Hungry DogGirl Escape From Hungry Dog
Emma, for a long time was waiting for this party. She is out of the house now. Only now she
Girlish Room EscapeGirlish Room Escape
The Girl is getting ready for the party. While trying to go out she found that the door is automatic
Girls and LazorsGirls and Lazors
Get girls and dodge lasers in this challenging action puzzle game.
Glam Home EscapeGlam Home Escape
Are you a skilled person? If you have knowledge about puzzle solving. Solve the puzzles
Glean 2Glean 2
Move your multi talented renderbot through the rocky underground in the platform game Glean.
Gluttonus MonsterGluttonus Monster
Let's eat some candies with Gumbul! controls: mouse. This is a experiment.
Go Go GoblinGo Go Goblin
Launch the goblin so he can reach the treasure on the other side of the realm.
Go RepoGo Repo
Play as a repossession team and collect the required value of items in each level.
Goat Escape From LionGoat Escape From Lion
The goat of William is everything for him. He has gone to the market leaving it in the garden.
Goblin Quest Escape Unity3DGoblin Quest Escape Unity3D
Goblin Quest Escape is an action packed dungeon runner / reverse tower defense hybrid
Godown EscapeGodown Escape
The story of this game is to find a path inside the godown and escape from there.
Gogo Plant 2Gogo Plant 2
When you think plants can't be dangerous, then you're all wrong. This is a smart and aggressive
Gold HuntersGold Hunters
Throw gold to your teammates and try to reach the goal as quickly as possible.
Gold Hunters V1.0.2Gold Hunters V1.0.2
Gold Hunters is a fun puzzle platform game where you must throw the gold to your fellow
Golden AppleGolden Apple
Try to pick the golden apples from the Garden of the King.
Good Daddy 2Good Daddy 2
Good fathers always love their children and do their best to protect them against everyday
Grand EscapeGrand Escape
Grand Escape is yet another interesting point and click type new room escape game
Gravity ThrusterGravity Thruster
You'll be flying in a gravitational field, so you have to thrust with one hand and steer with the ot
Great 2014 Thanksgiving Room EscapeGreat 2014 Thanksgiving Room Escape
The parents are leaving the boy lonely in the home and they went to the Thanksgiving party.
Great Leader Kim Jong-unGreat Leader Kim Jong-un
General Kim Jong-un suddenly disappears from eyes of all the people of the world!
Greedy Boy SandwichesGreedy Boy Sandwiches
It's tough to make yummy sandwiches with a greedy boy at home.
Greek Garden EscapeGreek Garden Escape
The story of the game is to escape from the old green garden where you have been locked.
Greek House EscapeGreek House Escape
Samuel has come for a tour with his wife Alice. He has already been informed by his wife
Green Arrow Lastman StandingGreen Arrow Lastman Standing
Hone your skills in this training exercise featuring Green Arrow and his practice target.
Grim House EscapeGrim House Escape
The Story of this game is to escape from the house which is so horrible. Assume that one day
Grow ValeyGrow Valey
You've crash-landed on an untamed planet, and your ship is in ruin. If you want to return home,
Guess the wordGuess the word
Guess The Word is a huge highscores word search game with hundreds of possible words!
Gyro AtomsGyro Atoms
Here you need to escape from Pirate Island during your 28 level trip.
Halloween Angel EscapeHalloween Angel Escape
This is the 415th escape game from The story of this game to escape
Halloween Baby EscapeHalloween Baby Escape
The story of this game is to escape baby from soul. Assume that a baby has been occupied
Halloween Girl EscapeHalloween Girl Escape
The story of this game is to escape the girl from the house where halloween party
Halloween Graveyard EscapeHalloween Graveyard Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the graveyard where you have been locked by some
Halloween Hook UpHalloween Hook Up
You have to group them to destroy use your swiftly mouse clicks to bust the ghost
Halloween House EscapeHalloween House Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the halloween house where you have been locked.
Halloween Palace EscapeHalloween Palace Escape
The story of this game to escape from the halloween palace where you have locked by
Armed with a variety of weapons, you must skilfully use them to rescue your best friend Bacon.
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