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Zombie Games Games

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Slash Zombies RampageSlash Zombies Rampage
Survive for 15 days from hordes of zombies in your tank. Collect as many coins as you can to
Slash zombies Rampage 2Slash zombies Rampage 2
The apocalypse is here, hordes of zombies around the world. Its time to destroy again
Defend your position as you gun down the incoming horde of zombies.
Slender in Zombie Apocalypse Unity3DSlender in Zombie Apocalypse Unity3D
A mix between zombie shooter and Slender Man horror game. Gun down the zombies
Slenderman Winter EditionSlenderman Winter Edition
Slenderman 2 has two modes and they are Time Challenge and Survival Mode.
Smash From BeyondSmash From Beyond
Scan the pumpkin type displayed in the main monitor with the mouse and smash them
Big Bob is here to save and end the apocalypse! Grab any object and drop it on top of Zombies
Smoking ZombiesSmoking Zombies
You asked and here it is! Smoking Zombies, the third game on Pothead Zombies series,
Sniper Assassin Zombies Unity3DSniper Assassin Zombies Unity3D
Kill zombies and clean this world from such disgusting beings. Are you ready? Then shoot
Space Swat vs ZombiesSpace Swat vs Zombies
Defend your spaceship as you gun down incoming zombies, and make repairs to get out of there.
In this exciting shooter game it's your turn to be the hero that saves everybody.
Star Kill ZombiesStar Kill Zombies
Zombies are coming from everywhere! Choose the character you trust most to clear them out!
State of Zombies 2State of Zombies 2
State Of Zombies 2 is a zombie game. In this second part, the zombies are hungrier than
Stickman Jam TribeStickman Jam Tribe
A tribe of cannibal stickmen are up to no good! They've kidnapped an explore
Still AliveStill Alive
Still Alive is an bloody awesome zombie shooter. Your mission is to survive in the dark forest
Super Zombie HunterSuper Zombie Hunter
The zombies are rising from the graveyard. They are coming out from the ground and attacking people.
Survive ApocalypseSurvive Apocalypse
The Apocalypse has set on the city you live in. Aliens are attacking Earth, zombies have woken up
TNT Zombies ArsenalTNT Zombies Arsenal
The zombies are back and ready to be blown up again. Use new TNT to defeat new zombies
Tank BearTank Bear
Zombies are attacking bear's land. Help bear drive his tank to kill them all!
Tequila ZombieTequila Zombie
Shoot zombies on a single map. Stay alive & pick up cash to buy more powerful weapon drops.
The Last Stand - Union CityThe Last Stand - Union City
The Last Stand: Union City is an addictive zombie action game about survival after apocalypse.
The Machines PlanetThe Machines Planet
A physics-based game, where you can construct all kinds of machines and battle against funny zombies
The SkullThe Skull
The undead king Kaden destroys your town and kills your sister and nothing is getting in your way
The Zombie ShowThe Zombie Show
Become the contestant of the zombie show; a futuristic tv program where hunderds of zombies
Toxie RaddToxie Radd
Zombies are coming ...but a captive is not yet ready to die!
Toxie Radd 3DToxie Radd 3D
A fast-paced zombie FPS rendered in real-time 3D. Battle hordes of zombies and giant mutant bosses!
Trabi vs Zombies Apocalypse Unity3DTrabi vs Zombies Apocalypse Unity3D
Zombies... They are everywhere and your main goal is to kill them! Choose the mission
Trap the ZombieTrap the Zombie
Remove shapes as you cause physics reactions to cause the zombie to fall safely onto the platform.
Trucking ZombiesTrucking Zombies
The world as we know is under attack by infected humans. In a world where scientists
Undead HighwayUndead Highway
In this game you will be as a real sniper. You must save our world and kill all zombies here.
Vampire KittenVampire Kitten
Launch the vampire kitten as you try to get as far as possible with 1 life.
Vampire VisionVampire Vision
Kill vampires before they infect the innocent humans.
Vikings Vs ZombiesVikings Vs Zombies
Throw your axe at zombies & TNT barrels. Slice threw multiple zombies & 1 shot an entire level.
Walking ZombieWalking Zombie
You are trapped in an abandoned city and you both must get out alive. You must shoot to kill
Walking Zombies 2Walking Zombies 2
Walking Zombie 2 is a first person shooter game. You are trapped in an abandoned city
War Zombie AvatarWar Zombie Avatar
Prepare for an epic battle against the undead! War Zomb Avatar is a survival shooter at its best.
Wheels and ZombiesWheels and Zombies
Race and fight the zombies. Collect points and upgrade your car.
Witch HuntWitch Hunt
This game will help you to improve your fighting skills. Move to the very strange world and kill
World Zombies CupWorld Zombies Cup
Infect all the football or soccer players in World Zombies Cups.
Worm Food, a free online arcade game by Nitrome. You are big worm and your mission is to eat everyth
Wrath of ZombiesWrath of Zombies
We are looking for the bravest guy. Just try to be really attentive and kill all zombies here.
Zevil the Terror BeginsZevil the Terror Begins
Zombies are here. Zombies are there. Zombies are everywhere.
Zom BuddiesZom Buddies
As 2 rednecks, defend the land of the free from zombies. Upgrade & take out all the incoming
The government have set up a Zombie defence tower in the middle of nowhere for seemingly no reason.
Zomb DartZomb Dart
How many points can you stack up while throwing darts at the zombie? Be carfull not too hit him
Shoot zombies in multiple arenas as you pick up guns & try to keep the zombie horde thinned down.
The city has been overrun by zombies. Now it's time for you to take the city back.
Zombie 300Zombie 300
Protect your side and help save survivors from invading Zombies!
Zombie ATVZombie ATV
You are a zombie and the humans are chasing after you!
Zombie Alien ParasitesZombie Alien Parasites
High-quality side-scrolling ballistic with a abysmal customization arrangement of several ships,
Zombie ApocaliftZombie Apocalift
The end is nigh! Build a party of unexpected heroes and fight hordes of vicious zombies
Zombie ApocalypseZombie Apocalypse
Zombies are all over the place, protect the guy in the center on the tower.
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