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Hidden Objects Games

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Together for ChristmasTogether for Christmas
The days before Christmas are so beautiful. Everyone is going home, to have some great time with
Toys Room Hidden AlphabetsToys Room Hidden Alphabets
Find the hidden Alphabets with use in zooming lens. Let's start the game!
Trailer House Online GameTrailer House Online Game
This is a story about one family that has decided to spend the rest of their life traveling
Trapped in a HotelTrapped in a Hotel
In the hotel there is a kidnapped girl that is doing her best to find her way out. This girl is want
Treasure Island Hidden Objects GameTreasure Island Hidden Objects Game
Find the hidden treasure on the map and move onto the next level.
Treasure Seekers - Lost JewelsTreasure Seekers - Lost Jewels
Help Grandpa find the lost jewels for the ceremony. You will need to search through the old family
Treasure of PiratesTreasure of Pirates
This is a hidden objects game. You have find named objects from beautiful images
Tribal SeekerTribal Seeker
You have been appointed seeker of your tribe and you must visit various old tribal sites
Tropical Treat Sherbet CakeTropical Treat Sherbet Cake
Delicious Treat! Make Tropical Treat Sherbet Cake by following the instructions correctly. Tropical
Tulula - Legend of VolcanoTulula - Legend of Volcano
Explore each scene of this point and click adventure as you solve puzzles of your ancient village.
Uncle Alberts HouseUncle Alberts House
Welcome to one wonderful mountain village. You will visit the house where Uncle Albert was born
Uncle Dawes FarmUncle Dawes Farm
Welcome to the farm of my uncle Dawe. When I was small, I enjoyed spending summer
Undiscovered ParadiseUndiscovered Paradise
The Anderson's are real climbing enthusiasts, and this time they have decided to explore
Unexpected GuestsUnexpected Guests
The unexpected guests are announcing their coming but when they are already on their way,
Unknown LandUnknown Land
An explorer adventurist goes on a quest for the hidden treasure of the Karunzi tribe,
Valentine MemoriesValentine Memories
There nothing as romantic as Valentine's Day! This game is actually a Valentine photo album.
Vampire Secret RoomsVampire Secret Rooms
Do you believe in vampires? And if you like to experience a little excitement, let's go and visit
Vegas NightsVegas Nights
This game will actually be a nice walk through the streets of Las Vegas.
Venice MemoriesVenice Memories
The girl that is actually the main character of the game has spent a wonderful time in Venice
Vicky Cleaning Service 2Vicky Cleaning Service 2
Do you remember Vicky? She owns a cleaning service and she has been running that business
Voodoo Chronicles - The First SignVoodoo Chronicles - The First Sign
Find the differences and solve puzzles in this nice looking game. Few game genres mixed together.
Where Is Derpy 3Where Is Derpy 3
Can you find Derpy in each level? Make sure to find the 3 muffins as well!
Where is 2014?Where is 2014?
Play online Where is 2014? game. Find the new year!
Whispering Lullaby Whispering Lullaby
The whole city was possessed by some weird noises that could be heard every night
Whispering SpiritsWhispering Spirits
Hello, I am Suni from Navajo tribe. My tribe believes in many Gods, some of them are good
Winter DreamsWinter Dreams
Enter these magic winter dreams. Try to find all hidden objects and spot the differences.
Winter for FunWinter for Fun
Winter for fun is a great hidden object game where taking you to one of the best ski centers
Wistful MemoriesWistful Memories
Play online Wistful Memories game. For our main character in the game, grandparent's farm
Wolfs DenWolfs Den
Have you ever heard about the Ahmar Mountain? It is about a very big and beautiful mountain
Wooden Dining Room EscapeWooden Dining Room Escape
Find the way out of the dining room and wipe the smirk out of his face.
Words of Wisdom 2Words of Wisdom 2
In each of those places there are some objects that are hidden and need to be found.
World Cup Football Hidden ObjectsWorld Cup Football Hidden Objects
The stadium for the World Cup 2014 is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and it's absolutely massive.
Wrong Place Wrong TimeWrong Place Wrong Time
Hello partner, I choose you as my assistant for this case, because we have a delicate situation
Wrong WishWrong Wish
Young Maddelin was madly in love with Frederic. She made a wish to be with him
Youda Mystery - StanwickYouda Mystery - Stanwick
Find the hidden objects as you explore the house in this fantastic looking, highly detailed game.
Zodiac Killer CaseZodiac Killer Case
The game starts by choosing your horoscope sign because we have a killer that makes his list
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