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Hidden Objects Games

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Cushy Room EscapeCushy Room Escape
You got accidentally locked yourself in your petite apartment with things to be tended outside
Dancing pumpkinDancing pumpkin
Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect
Dangerous JourneyDangerous Journey
Mrs. Mary travels a lot by train because her profession requires it. She works as a traveling
Davids RedemptionDavids Redemption
Do you remember David? He is the archaeologist that investigated Heligan's secret cave.
Daydream ForestDaydream Forest
Daydream Forest challenges you to find all 130 hidden objects scattered across a spectacular
Days on the FarmDays on the Farm
This is the second year of Julie since she lives on the farm that she inherited from her grandfather
Deadly FeverDeadly Fever
Deadly Fever is a hidden object game. On a passenger flight from Congo to New York,
Deep in the ForestDeep in the Forest
Our character will go on a walk in the forest, but he loses his way for a little so suddenly
Delgo-Hidden StarsDelgo-Hidden Stars
Delgo-Hidden Stars is a point and click type hidden star game from hiddenogames.
Delicious Hotdog QuestDelicious Hotdog Quest
You are so thirsty but you cannot find any food in the house. But your sibling usually hid hot dog
Desert StarDesert Star
Desert Star is oriental restaurant completely focused on oriental food. There are no costumers
Design Room Hidden ObjectsDesign Room Hidden Objects
It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in this game.
Discover EuropeDiscover Europe
Play your way across Europe using both your card-playing skills and your ability to spot the differe
Disney Cars Hidden LettersDisney Cars Hidden Letters
The object in the game is always to search by way of the images and come across all 26 letters
Disney PrincessDisney Princess
The Disney Princess Differences game is usually a series of ten pairs of distinct photographs
Dozing Room EscapeDozing Room Escape
Use mouse to play. Click to find the clues and manipulate them.
Dragon Hidden LettersDragon Hidden Letters
Find the hidden letters in the image. Buscar letras esconidas en la imagen.
Dreams of DragonsDreams of Dragons
Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
Ducklings AdventureDucklings Adventure
Take time out and relax with this colourful spot the difference game.
Dumb and Dumber To NumbersDumb and Dumber To Numbers
Dumb and Dumber To Numbers is another point and click type hidden number game from
Easter at GrandmasEaster at Grandmas
Hello player, the Easter holidays are coming. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate in the best why
Easter on the FarmEaster on the Farm
These days are Easter so the hosts of the farm organize the famous egg hunt.
Easy CleaningEasy Cleaning
Bertha needs to clean up her house because holidays are already coming and she wants
Elenors PerformanceElenors Performance
So this is new experience for young Ember. She started working as cleaner lady in the old
Emmas FarmEmmas Farm
Emma has chosen living on a farm to be her lifestyle and profession. Emma is actually
Empty AsylumEmpty Asylum
You and a friend go inside to explore, then you can't find your friend.
Escape 7 The OfficeEscape 7 The Office
Play online Escape 7 The Office game. Enjoy number 7 in the escape series.
Essence of LifeEssence of Life
Mister Smith is completely in love with the nature. Once in a week he always visits the forest
Evas DreamEvas Dream
Hello friend, my name I s Eva, my best friend Martha invited me this weekend in her house
Exodus Gods and Kings StarsExodus Gods and Kings Stars
You need to find stars in Exodus:Gods and Kings movie images! Find those all the hidden
Exploring Lana's TownExploring Lana's Town
Lana lived in a very nice surrounding, in one very interesting place and now she likes to show you
Fairy PondFairy Pond
Hi, my name is Patricia, I live in the small village Forcht. I never wanted to live in the big city
Family PortraitFamily Portrait
The game will actually be a hidden object game where you'll be looking for the belongings
Farms and Meadows HiddenFarms and Meadows Hidden
Laura enjoys her country escapade against her hectic city life by admiring the greens,
Fatansy Hidden NumbersFatansy Hidden Numbers
Fantasy Hidden Numbers is another point and click type hidden number game from Hiddenogames.
Fatansy Hidden StarsFatansy Hidden Stars
Fantasy Hidden Stars is a point and click type hidden star game from hiddenogames.
Fear of the DarkFear of the Dark
Kathrin is alone in her family house, and a terrible storm will affect the whole city.
Find Sweet StrawberriesFind Sweet Strawberries
The customers had misplaced the strawberries in the fruit stall. It was suppose to be your duty
Find the BooksFind the Books
We are at the library, and there are numerous shelves there, full of books. But in those books
Find the DifferenceFind the Difference
Kids Play Ground is a awesome game to play. You can make the game more exciting by finding
Find the Heroes World- New YorkFind the Heroes World- New York
Our hero is sad because he thinks there are no more heroes in this world.
Find trove and escapeFind trove and escape
The objective of this game is to find the treasure trove from the lake.
Finding SeahorsesFinding Seahorses
Plunge inside these deep waters and explore the entire width of it to catch seahorses
Finding Sweet ApplesFinding Sweet Apples
Emily got into mischief again and hid apples all over her mom's kitchen.
Finding the TreasureFinding the Treasure
Fed up with living in a life of poverty and scraping by for scraps? You can trudge through life
Five star mansionFive star mansion
After very long and difficult years, the Broderick family managed to build their new home
Flower Language Of LoveFlower Language Of Love
New romantic hidden object game with flowers, hearts and a lot of love!
Forest HouseForest House
Play online Forest House game. In a mountain resort, known as Forest House in the amazing
Forgotten Post OfficeForgotten Post Office
Somewhere in the suburbs of London people live far from the bustling city. The people live happily a
Forsaken GemsForsaken Gems
Cindy is living in a small village called Counstrwill and she is the only one who managed to
Fountain of LongevityFountain of Longevity
Play online Fountain of Longevity game. Longevity is something that perhaps all people
Four Seasons PaintingFour Seasons Painting
Our artists really likes to paint landscapes and this time decides to make a painting that will incl
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