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Hidden Objects Games

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Hiking HolidayHiking Holiday
This game is about a group of friends that really enjoy hiking. They vent to visit the biggest
History of BeautyHistory of Beauty
Play hidden and quiz game in one. Check how much you know other cultures and test your knowledge.
Holiday Mansion 3Holiday Mansion 3
This interesting game is actually a third part of the 'Holiday Mansion' series and one more game
Hometown StopoverHometown Stopover
20 years ago Brigitte has moved from one place to another. When she was younger,
Hometown WeekendHometown Weekend
After ten years Ashley is returning back home for the first time in her birth town. She has moved
Honeymoon in ItalyHoneymoon in Italy
Here we have one young couple that has just married and now it is time for their honeymoon.
House Of My Dreams GameHouse Of My Dreams Game
Probably every person dreams about a certain perfect place where he or she would like to
House of IllusionHouse of Illusion
This house simply creates illusions- the objects move by themselves, there is one particular
House of MysteryHouse of Mystery
The family have heard many mystery stories about strange and supernatural things that
Ice Age 4-Hidden SpotsIce Age 4-Hidden Spots
Ice Age 4-Hidden Spots is another type of hidden spot game developed by
In the Middle of NowhereIn the Middle of Nowhere
A group of people was cruising with their speedboat on an open see for a longer period,
Into the UnknownInto the Unknown
Get well with this little girl and start your treasure adventure with all the kids in your neighborh
Island EscapeIsland Escape
Scroll through different scenes on the island as you try to find the items that are silhouetted.
Island of SpiritsIsland of Spirits
Hello my name is Afia. I was born on this island, and I am so attached to this place, I would
Island of a ThievesIsland of a Thieves
Cheryl Jones, at first sight an ordinary girl, but in her heart she is an extreme adventurer.
Italian VacationItalian Vacation
Italy is a country in which huge number of tourist pass through every year. They are mainly
Jewellery ExpertJewellery Expert
You are the jewellery expert and your task is to find 10 pearls on the first level,
Adventures are always fun,and this game is about adventure and discovering something mysterious.
Karla's Curse Chapter 3Karla's Curse Chapter 3
You have probably passed the previous two sequences of the strange story about Karla,
Kingdom ConspiracyKingdom Conspiracy
Greetings good knight. A difficult task lies before us. Our Kingdom faces a huge threat.
Kiss of Eternal LifeKiss of Eternal Life
Kiss of eternal life is a scary but at the same time romantic hidden object game .Victor is looking
Can you identify the hidden items in this kitchen? Try not to make mistakes...
Kitchen Search Hidden ObjectKitchen Search Hidden Object
Where you have to find all the mentioned objects within the given time.
Lamp Of AladdinLamp Of Aladdin
Part hidden object, part match 3 game. Both with great graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics.
Land of PanadiaLand of Panadia
Our character likes to travel from one dimension to another and he finds himself stuck
Letters in AdventureLetters in Adventure
Three pictures in adventure places. Every picture is story for itself.
Lost Family TreasureLost Family Treasure
In the point and click puzzle game Lost Family Treasure your duty is to retrieve the famiy treasure.
Lost In ForkshireLost In Forkshire
You have been ambushed somewhere on the road, many miles away from the city.
Lost ItemsLost Items
Today's game takes place in one railway station. Every day numerous people pass through
Lost Necklace AncientLost Necklace Ancient
Help find Lost Necklace in old tombs.
Loves Forbidden FlowerLoves Forbidden Flower
This romantic game is about forbidden love in the oriental place . Two young people are in love
MT DifferenceMT Difference
Help cute MT find 5 differences! Within the 100 seconds, you need to find all the 5 differences
Magic PlaceMagic Place
Miracles can happen if you believe, especially if you believe strong enough.
Make No MistakeMake No Mistake
The precious golden medallion has been stolen from the state treasury. That's why the federals
Master Thief - Skyscraper StingMaster Thief - Skyscraper Sting
The criminal Samuel Hotorn is about to escape from justice but a woman from his past is determined t
Melodies centuryMelodies century
Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the number
Membata IslandMembata Island
The Peters family is going on a vacation on the Membata Island, from popular series Lost.
Merchant Ship Hidden ObjectsMerchant Ship Hidden Objects
We are trying to find the seven or ten items being claimed from us.
Messy Guest RoomMessy Guest Room
Games2rule brought another new hidden objects game is called Messy Guest Room Objects.
Messy Room EscapeMessy Room Escape
Oh! This room is looking very abnormal, scattered and meshed. You can not stay here peacefully.
Mickey Hidden LettersMickey Hidden Letters
There are three pictures in each of them is Mickey. But also other Disney heroes like Minnie, Donald
Mickey Mouse NumbersMickey Mouse Numbers
Find the numbers and use left click to mark them. There are three available pictures of Mickey Mouse
Million Dollar DreamMillion Dollar Dream
Meet Martha. She is a real enthusiast when it comes to playing games of chance.
Missing TicketsMissing Tickets
This guy has invited his girlfriend to watch her favorite movie. They are at the cinema on time
Mockingjay Hidden NumbersMockingjay Hidden Numbers
Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden numbers which are hidden in the Mockingjay
Modish Room EscapeModish Room Escape
Things out of hand when you find yourself locked inside your room with minutes away
Monsoon ManiaMonsoon Mania
Well the monsoon season is here, and it has turned this entire city into a mess.
Musaic BoxMusaic Box
Find pieces of music in the scene & organize blocks to play music in the same order as the music box
Music Composer TroubleMusic Composer Trouble
A famous composer needs to deliver his new masterpiece, but he can't finish it in this mess.
My Cousins FarmhouseMy Cousins Farmhouse
As soon as you got there, and your parents looked the other way, your cousins hid your stuff
My Home Office EscapeMy Home Office Escape
The work keeps piling up without giving you a break. So you decide to sneak out of the office,
My Lounge Room EscapeMy Lounge Room Escape
While waiting for your friend's room you find yourself trapped in. There must be a spare key hidden
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