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Hidden Objects Games

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Saving the MountainSaving the Mountain
Amy is girl that lives nearby Hobont mountain. She has spent her whole childhood
Scary HalloweenScary Halloween
Can you find the hidden items in Scary Halloween pictures? Find the objects to complete the level.
Scary Halloween Room ObjectsScary Halloween Room Objects
Again you have chance to showing your object finding talent. Here you have to find hidden objects
Secret PalaceSecret Palace
Duke Albert was very famous among his friends and relatives as someone who would find
Secret of the ShambhalaSecret of the Shambhala
Shambhala also known as Shangri-La is a mythical city hidden in the Himalayas in Tibet, and kept
Seeking for InspirationSeeking for Inspiration
Henry Murphy is a writer as wall. He knows his job quite well since he has written so many
Shadows of the PastShadows of the Past
Our character having terrible nightmares every night he tries to sleep and he must do something
Shadows on the WallShadows on the Wall
Mark is a journalist that has always wanted to work on solving mysterious cases.
Shelter in the ForestShelter in the Forest
We will meet one amateur mountain climber that has decided to get deep in the forest
Sherlock Holmes LettersSherlock Holmes Letters
Try to detect the 26 hidden letters in the photos. Time is limited and it's 300 seconds,
Shipwreck Island Escape Part 1Shipwreck Island Escape Part 1
You and your Grandpa went on his yacht for a 10 day cruise. A storm came up out of nowhere
Shopping FrenzyShopping Frenzy
Search your way through this shopaholic spending spree!
Shopping SeasonShopping Season
Get your Santa on with a super-sized Christmas shopping spree!
Shrub Hidden AlphabetShrub Hidden Alphabet
This is a level based games, where you have to find all the mentioned numbers.
Sky MiraclesSky Miracles
Meet Joe. He will take you on a tour in the farm where something strange has happened.
Sky Miracles 2Sky Miracles 2
Meet Joe. He will take you on a tour in the farm where something strange has happened.
Sneaky Castle TreasureSneaky Castle Treasure
Sneaky is from a long line of Royalty. His Great Aunt Gertrude recently left him her castle.
Sneaky EscapeSneaky Escape
You are known all over the city as the best escape artist there ever
Solo Villa EscapeSolo Villa Escape
This is the 105th escape game from, this is a critical game where the boy
Sommeliers DreamSommeliers Dream
For wine lovers is a real sommelier's dream finding 1811 Chateau d'Yquem. In our game, one famous
Space CampaignSpace Campaign
A group of scientists and astronauts has been sent on a space campaign. After 6 months
Space Traveler Room EscapeSpace Traveler Room Escape
You trapped in the room filled with the secrets of the galaxies, planets and stars.
Spot The Difference GardeSpot The Difference Garde
Spot the differences between these two images in which children like you are merrily involved
Spot and Shop ChipsSpot and Shop Chips
Oops! Your 25 finger chip packs are scattered around the mall
Spring of LifeSpring of Life
A group of sailors has heard that spring of life. The legend says that it is located on an abandoned
State of EmergencyState of Emergency
This is a great adventure, very interesting for playing and very exciting as well. The main characte
Study Room Hidden ObjectsStudy Room Hidden Objects
Do you love to find hidden objects? Again you have chance to showing your object finding
Suburban Garage SaleSuburban Garage Sale
Do you remember the Suburban housewives from the previous game?
Summer Fun Hidden ObjectSummer Fun Hidden Object
This is a level based game where you have to find all the mentioned Numbers within the given
Summer Hidden NumbersSummer Hidden Numbers
This is a level based game , where you have to find all the mentioned Numbers within the given
Summer SecretsSummer Secrets
Mrs. Keisha is an owner of the luxury summer camp Summer Secrets. This exotic place
Sunset StreetSunset Street
Play online Sunset Street game. The street known as Sunset Street is not famous by its night life
Sunset in VeniceSunset in Venice
This game is actually a romantic walk through one of the most romantic cities in the world.
Super Mario DifferenceSuper Mario Difference
Find Super Mario Difference. There are 5 differences in each level and you need to find them
Surface Mystery of Another WorldSurface Mystery of Another World
After your son, Bobby, mysteriously disappears, it’s up to you to find him in Surface:
Surprise VacationSurprise Vacation
The Rogers family is winners of a great prize a vacation for the whole family!
This is a level based game, Where you have to find all the mentioned Alphabets with in the
Suspicious NeighboursSuspicious Neighbours
The boy and his father realized that the kite has fallen in one of the yards of the houses
Sweet Revenge HiddenSweet Revenge Hidden
Samantha is just divorced. She wanted to take some small revenge to her ex-husband
Swimming PoolSwimming Pool
Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score.
Tea RoomTea Room
Today a tea room is a small room or restaurant where drinks and light meals are served and so on.
Temple of Guardians Hidden ObjectsTemple of Guardians Hidden Objects
After your tribe was ravaged by war and famine, you decided to give up all your worldly possessions
Temple of TreasureTemple of Treasure
Temple of Treasure is the dream of every treasure hunter. Adrian is on the doorstep
Terrific HalloweenTerrific Halloween
Find the differences between each Halloween picture. Use hints if you get stuck.
Thanksgiving Party ObjectsThanksgiving Party Objects
In this game, To find out some objects from Thanksgiving Party room. But the Thanksgiving
The Abandoned NeighbourhoThe Abandoned Neighbourho
Near to one really populated suburb there is another smaller and abandoned suburb
The Ancient TowerThe Ancient Tower
Click on 5 things and find different between two images. You will get points and advance to the next
The Antique StoreThe Antique Store
Try to find all the objects listed ... makes it easy for you to find and play the free arcade games
The Clocktower MysteryThe Clocktower Mystery
The clock tower of the city of Donwerd fascinates many villagers but also tourists
The Cursed PianoThe Cursed Piano
The owners of this house have decided to get into the room without being noticed
The Cursed WoodsThe Cursed Woods
Restless ghosts are roaming free and frightening the people in the woods. Find the objects
The Dark Side of the ForestThe Dark Side of the Forest
Go into the dark forest and try to find all the hidden clues there.
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