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Hidden Objects Games

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The Elven TreasureThe Elven Treasure
Hello player, Amara and Voron are elves from the Iand Selanon. They grew up with the legend
The Emerald HotelThe Emerald Hotel
The Emerald Hotel is a quite nice special place that will make you really happy because
The First SettlersThe First Settlers
Marlene is a great humanitarian. She stays in contact with the inhabitants of one small
The Forest CabinThe Forest Cabin
I am very happy that I have met you. I am so tired and scared. My evil step mother
The Great Treasure HuntThe Great Treasure Hunt
A group of treasure hunters got information about a great golden treasure and games,
The Hobbit 2014-Hidden NumbersThe Hobbit 2014-Hidden Numbers
The Hobbit 2014-Hidden Numbers is another point and click type hidden number game from
The Hunting of The SnarkThe Hunting of The Snark
Find the hiding objects in each painted scene that tells the story of the snark hunt.
The Iceland Memories GameThe Iceland Memories Game
Before 30 years, when Steven was a child, Steven and his family went on a holiday in one exotic
The Journey of SolarisThe Journey of Solaris
Solaris is spaceships who fly incredibly fast and discover new planets and possible civilizations.
The Joy of CookingThe Joy of Cooking
I am Thelma, my new biggest love is cooking, I have made hundreds of original recopies.
The Lady and the DragonThe Lady and the Dragon
Hello friend, I really appreciate that you choose to accompany me in this dangerous mission,
The Last ShowThe Last Show
Bob is a very famous clown. He has been working as a clown for so many years.This is the last show
The Legacy HotelThe Legacy Hotel
The Police and the detectives have arrived on the crime scene. They had been collecting
The Legend of DormountThe Legend of Dormount
Dormount is a small town in the mountains of Bendra. The citizens believe that everyone
The Legend of Dormount 11The Legend of Dormount 11
Dormount is a small town in the mountains of Bendra. The citizens believe that everyone
The Lonely CabinThe Lonely Cabin
Our friend was walking in the woods, and she came upon a cottage located near the small
The Lost ExpeditionThe Lost Expedition
This group of young mountain climbers has chosen the mountain Gina, located in New Mexico.
The Lost Kingdom ProphecyThe Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Restore the alliance between mortals and Elementals in a mystical quest to save a fallen realm.
The Lost ScoutThe Lost Scout
A young scout goes camping in one abandoned mountain village. He gets to the place
The Lost ScriptThe Lost Script
In the following game you will see one actor's apartment. He is a famous Hollywood actor
The Lost ToysThe Lost Toys
Kindergarten is a place where kids spend some of their best moments. One sweet nurse
The Magic PortalThe Magic Portal
Find all the hidden items on this game. Try not to make mistakes or you'll lose. Use your mouse.
The Main ClueThe Main Clue
In our game there has been a robbery in Jenifer's apartment and now the police are there
The Moon DiamondThe Moon Diamond
A man has reported to the police that the precious and high valued rare moon diamond
The New BarnThe New Barn
Hello player, our farm is in function for almost a year. We are currently working with many
The Night IntruderThe Night Intruder
Jacob has decided that the only way to survive in his situation is to sneak into the castle
The Old BazaarThe Old Bazaar
The Old Bazaar is a place which in centuries represents specific space where different
The Other SideThe Other Side
This scary mystery game takes place in one church and then in the abandoned house of the late.
The OthersThe Others
We are aware that we live on the earth and besides the animal, the humans are ones that are
The Pharaohs Treasure ChaThe Pharaohs Treasure Cha
The time of ancient Egypt is a period full of mysteries. The hidden treasure of the pharaoh
The Power of IllusionThe Power of Illusion
Gabriel is a magician. He is an entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion
The Purple SunsetThe Purple Sunset
The cost of California is one of the most attractive for American tourists and abroad.
The Purple Sunset 2The Purple Sunset 2
The cost of California is one of the most attractive for American tourists and abroad.
The Ranch House DifferencesThe Ranch House Differences
The green farm is looking gorgeous in the pleasant dayspring with the herd of cattle wandering
The Real BigfootThe Real Bigfoot
Bigfoot, one of the greatest mysteries ever, that hasn't been solved yet.
The Secret Library GameThe Secret Library Game
For some period a group of scientists are working on the island Karamaresh, where they
The Secret of the LakeThe Secret of the Lake
Mrs. Klarice and her husband went to spend the weekend in one small quiet village near the lake,
The Silence of the VillageThe Silence of the Village
There are very old houses designed in some unique style, and they entered into one house
The Silent PlanetThe Silent Planet
You are one of the volunteers who arrived on Mars.Its your chance to experience something exciting.
The Stolen PrincessThe Stolen Princess
Being a princess is not something that is that easy as it seems, especially if it is about the
The Streets of TokyoThe Streets of Tokyo
After 20 years, Kimi comes back to Tokyo; wanting to visit the streets of her birth place,
The Treasure BunkerThe Treasure Bunker
This character is victim of World War II. She leaves the village and looking for a place to hide,
The True StoryThe True Story
This game has a very interesting plot but at the same time it also offers a great game play,
The Unexplained DisappearanceThe Unexplained Disappearance
Those two young married couples have been friends since forever and they always liked to do
The Unusual SuspectThe Unusual Suspect
There has been a robbery in one weekend house. the owners called the police and they are starting
The Vanishing VillageThe Vanishing Village
A small village appeared in front of a group of people while traveling throughout Russia.
The Western SpiritThe Western Spirit
Kevin is a director and he has decided to make a western movie. For the purposes of the filming
The heritageThe heritage
A few days ago you received a letter in which the lawyer informed you that your grandfather had pass
The land of storiesThe land of stories
Mrs. Greta Grimm is a great granddaughter of the famous brothers Grimm.
Thief on a TrainThief on a Train
Like in those Sherlock Holmes movies, there is always a thief on the train!
Thieving GnomesThieving Gnomes
They come at night, they steal and they make a mess! Help us find the things they stole these
Time to Clean UpTime to Clean Up
The family uses this apartment very rare so it is not so clean at the moment;
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