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Beat em up Games

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Legendary ThievesLegendary Thieves
They are famous thieves in the world. Who don't know them? Robin Hood, Goemon Ishikawa, Blackbeard,
Legends Of Verakia 2Legends Of Verakia 2
Prepare an army to fight DRAGONS, GOBLINS and 3 deadly races. Upgrade your hero,
Lego Hero Factory Brain AttackLego Hero Factory Brain Attack
Play Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack on , another great game from Lego
Lego Ninjago The Final BattleLego Ninjago The Final Battle
The destiny of lego ninjago rests in your hands! unleash the incredible power of elemental
Lengendary MonkLengendary Monk
Shaolin Temple was under attack from Demon monks. You need to take killing evil powers
Lethal RPG Destiny 2 - ConquestLethal RPG Destiny 2 - Conquest
Continue the Lethal RPG story as you assign your strengths and combat baddies that want you dead.
Lethal RPG War BeginsLethal RPG War Begins
Journey on an epic quest with Lethal and his elite party of warriors through a huge fantasy land.
Lethal StormLethal Storm
The planet Earth is in danger, hundreds of alien ships approaching for occupancy.
Lethal War ZoneLethal War Zone
Real-time strategy game.
Level upLevel up
All you have to do is level up as fast as you can, and see what will happen.
Little NinjaLittle Ninja
Your fierce ninja is on the job to annihilate every bad ninja on sight! Use your weapons or teleport
Little Pony Big WarLittle Pony Big War
Face the biggest war in My Little Pony history! Now all ponies fight together in this epic
Little Protector PlanesLittle Protector Planes
The Lower Planes are being invaded! If this keeps up we'll start seeing ascended monsters
Little WarsLittle Wars
A simple strategy game. Capture, fight, defend and domination.
Lollipop KingdomLollipop Kingdom
Use your lollipop to lay the beatdown on other kids on the beach. Don't let them get behind you.
Loot HeroesLoot Heroes
Chose your character and go on a rampage in this dungeon to collect the gold and other items
Lord of VandariaLord of Vandaria
Vandaria is at WAR! Defend your kingdom, expand your territory, and conquer the entire land.
Lumi MonstersLumi Monsters
Play online Lumi Monsters game. Try to beat all these monsters.
Luminant Phantasia DemoLuminant Phantasia Demo
You will fight random enemies in this tech reel (you'll fight different set of enemies everytime!).
Lumpy and LuiLumpy and Lui
Two Brothers Lumpy and Lui are on their way to alaska on their planes , when they are attacked
In this game the military tanker destroys moving bombs by shooting.
Mad BombsMad Bombs
Help the bombs kill the zombie-pirates on the far island! Space or click to continue.
MADFIST, a super fun addictive game. This is the best time-killer ever. This is the HD version
This is a story of a Hero! When aliens invaded he was the only one to fight back.
Magical GloryMagical Glory
Shoot arrows and cast mighty spells to defense your fort! Can you stand strong in front
Mainlands WarsMainlands Wars
Take control of land & produce an army to wage war against other areas. Upgrade land to be
March of the CardsMarch of the Cards
Invite your friends and march your army of playing cards to victory!
Mark of DarknessMark of Darkness
The actions of this game are taking place in the dark medieval times. You must choose one of three b
Marvel TributeMarvel Tribute
In this awesome retro arcade game, play as some of the greatest Marvel comic character and go kick a
Masakrator is an addictive top-bottom shoot-em-up game.
Mass Mayhem 2Mass Mayhem 2
Kill evil clans with your weapons arsenal, create explosive combos and finish them with your kamikaz
Mass Mayhem 3Mass Mayhem 3
Massive Mayhem 3 features a new environment with plenty of new vehicles and buildings to wreck
Massive Tank AttackMassive Tank Attack
You are in a tank and you need to destroy every tank that will be in your path. Be strong.
Massive WarMassive War
Control over the new planet called the 'Bluegreen Planet'
Master and ComanderMaster and Comander
Take down the other ship with your cannons!
Master of CatapultMaster of Catapult
Launch fireballs with your catapult to knock buildings, enemies and artifacts off the platforms in e
Master of Catapult 3Master of Catapult 3
Change how far you catapult the spiked ball. Try to knock enough pieces off the platforms.
Masters of WrestlingMasters of Wrestling
Are you a true wrestling master? It's high time you proved it! Select your wrestler and help him win
Meaty BonerMeaty Boner
Your goal in this simple fighting game is to fight against the rest of skeletons and reach the end
Mechanical Commando 2Mechanical Commando 2
Take control of a good old-fashioned, massive mechanical commando and show them who's the boss!.
Medieval ClashMedieval Clash
Build your castle and insides as you send out forces against others on the Net or an AI.
Medieval JoustingMedieval Jousting
Time your power and jousting point just right. Strike your enemy with a powerful and deadly blow.
Medieval RampageMedieval Rampage
Survive the hordes that come after you as you upgrade your bow and arrows.
Medieval Rampage 2Medieval Rampage 2
Fight off hoards of enemies charging at you in this action packed game of 25 waves, 20 enemies,
Medieval Rampage 4Medieval Rampage 4
Medieval Rampage is back for it's 4th installment. Battle your way through legions of enemies
Medieval SmashMedieval Smash
Bring the castle down on the medieval baddies, but keep the good guys alive. Different perspective.
Medieval Wars 2Medieval Wars 2
Create your hero, choose your combat style and lead your company into
Medievil SiegeMedievil Siege
Knock down some castles. A blatant rip off of another game? Perhaps. Fun none-the-less? Of course.
Metal Slug Rampage 3Metal Slug Rampage 3
Marco is sick of shooting bad guys and being kind to people. He wants to do something for fun.
Mighty KnightMighty Knight
Thousand years ago before the age of zombies, there live heroes without the power of technology who
Mighty Knight 2Mighty Knight 2
he world needs your help and your power to fight the devil. Lend your hand and fight for the peace.
Millie Megavolte 7Millie Megavolte 7
Millie Megavolte is back with the latest part of her action game called 'Millie And The Shadow Mage'
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