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Beat em up Games

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Bunny FightsBunny Fights
Action filled fighting game through the platforms.
CDrone SurvivalCDrone Survival
Lightning fast responses are required to survive the upcoming bullet hell! Upgrade life, shield,
Caldera LegendsCaldera Legends
Enemies are invading your kingdom, and the defense is your army of mages!
Cannon BallCannon Ball
Launch your cannon ball and destroy enemy territory.
Captain NuttyCaptain Nutty
Captain Nutty is a fun, frantic shooting game, in which you must guide an eager, adventurous
Capture the CastleCapture the Castle
Take over castles & villages as you send units out from each. Control feels incomplete.
Car WarriorCar Warrior
In this battle, you will play a General. Your mission is to defeat all the enemies, occupy all terri
Caravaneer 2Caravaneer 2
Play online Caravaneer 2 game. An insane strategy based war game.
Caribbean AdmiralCaribbean Admiral
In this awesome pirate game you are about to rebuild a powerful fleet of ships in hunt
Castle Clout 3: A New AgeCastle Clout 3: A New Age
Unleash your mighty catapult and launch a New Age in this new edition of the popular Castle Clout ga
Castle Guard 3Castle Guard 3
Send your soldiers to the enemy base and attack it until you win it back.
Castle Knight Online GameCastle Knight Online Game
The princess is in trouble! Her castle is under attack from strange creatures and she needs
Castle Mania CrushCastle Mania Crush
Launch your limited shots at the castle. Try to take out all dwellers within the castle.
Castle MonsterCastle Monster
You are brave warrior blessed by supernatural ability to freeze and stop the time.
Castle VaniaCastle Vania
The castle is occupied by evils, and you're given the task of clear them all!
Castle Wars 2Castle Wars 2
Castle Wars is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the
Catch The CrownsCatch The Crowns
Drop square stones, circular logs & fire cannons. Get the stars & take out the knights.
A strategy action game (multi language), become the leader of the of the cat army.
Causality 4Causality 4
Get ready for some Causality History epicnes! Kill the Stick Kingman in a castle siege,
Causality KitchenCausality Kitchen
Causality Kitchen is here and it's a recipe for disaster. Trust no vegetable and keep your eye
Champions of Chaos 2Champions of Chaos 2
The rebellion needs a hero... not to save the day, but to go beat the pants out of the other kingdom
Chaos Faction 2Chaos Faction 2
Chaos Faction 2 is the long awaited sequal to the classic fighting game Chaos Faction with 15 new ca
Chav BusterChav Buster
When there's something strange, in your neighborhood... who you gonna call? CHAV BUSTER!
Chrome Wars ArenaChrome Wars Arena
Become the number 1 of the Battledome, the arena where all robots will fight or watch fights in the
City InvasionCity Invasion
Send troops to your enemy base down the right path to combat the enemy forces and destroy
City Siege 4 Alien SiegeCity Siege 4 Alien Siege
Aliens have abducted some of our favorite Civilians. Lead the intergalactic task force to save
Civilization Wars 2 PrimeCivilization Wars 2 Prime
Play online Civilization Wars 2 Prime game. Battle through levels, learn spells and skills, conquer
Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars
Lead your nation to the victory
Civilizations Wars 2Civilizations Wars 2
Your Prime Legend in world of Civilizations Wars 2 begins. Battle through levels, learn spells and s
Clan Wars 2 Red ReignClan Wars 2 Red Reign
Prepare you Clan for Greatness! After more internal wars between each Goblin Clan
Clash Of The RaceClash Of The Race
Are you Ghost, Cyborg, Alien or a Human? Take your pick and defeat all other races in this strategy
Click BattleClick Battle
A dynamic, colorful strategy. Help the magician's, to repel all attacks Vikings for five months!
Clicker TroopsClicker Troops
Clicking game on which you will help your troops to survive each wave, Hired more troops by getting
Cobra Squad 3Cobra Squad 3
Cobra Squad is back! Now control 14 types of elite soldiers, including new weapons:
Cobra Squad RescueCobra Squad Rescue
Cobra Squad is currently being attacked by massive troops in its mission in Iraq.
Cobra Squad Vs Ultimate Tank WarCobra Squad Vs Ultimate Tank War
The battle between two sides finally started! Who's the winner, Cobra Squad or Ultimate Tank War?
Codename BallisticCodename Ballistic
The mission must be carried out at all costs, so step up soldier!
Colonial Wars Special EditionColonial Wars Special Edition
Time to boost your brain! Measure your strength against the powerful AI in the sea battle!
Colony is here! This is my new action RTS game, and my tribute to my favorite game ever Starcraft.
Comic Stars FightingComic Stars Fighting
We like Comic Stars who are all very strong. Do you want to see their fighting and even experience i
Comic Stars Fighting 3.2Comic Stars Fighting 3.2
Select your favorate hero and help your hero kill all enemies!
Comic Stars Fighting EnhancedComic Stars Fighting Enhanced
In this enhanced version 3, more shape-shift roles are added. Those roles are all open
Command and ControlCommand and Control
In this game you fight in the eight missions in the Middle East. Today you have to defend the city
Command and DefendCommand and Defend
You have three types of turrets, mines and super weapon. Don't forget to check base health. Have fun
Use the elements to lob attacks at your enemies,
Control Craft 2Control Craft 2
In Control Craft 2 you are in charge of your own blue army! Send your troops from one tower to the o
Control Craft Modern WarControl Craft Modern War
Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through 15 challenging levels that call for your ski
Cool WestCool West
Use your slingshot and all your skill to kill the penguins in this war between the farm and the evil
Cowboy Sheriff WarCowboy Sheriff War
When duel is no longer attractive and sheriff had acted out of control, it's time to war!
Crash Test LauncherCrash Test Launcher
Launch your crash test dummy through various stages.
Crayon Shin Chan Fights MonstersCrayon Shin Chan Fights Monsters
Crayon Shin Chan meets waves of monsters. Help him kill all of those monsters.
Critter KingdomCritter Kingdom
Build an army to defend your kingdom from a variety of attacks!
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